Lucky Accidents

"When there is synchronicity in our lives,
we are on track."

The Power of Flow, p. 34

Just before I moved to Florida from Colorado, I had a chance to go to see a Lenny Kravitz concert. My dad was ready to make the move but I begged him to wait for the concert to come so I could go. I basically made him realize that if he didn't let me go he would have destroyed maybe my only chance to see my idol and karma would pay him back. So the day before the concert my dad had to go in for surgery on his wrist for carpal tunnel. Then the show came and it was great and the next day I overslept. Because of my father's inability to use both his hands I was to pack the car for the trip. So instead of leaving at six in the morning, we left at six at night. Thus we didn't have time to swing by Oklahoma City and visit relatives because we needed to be in Jacksonville at 6am. Long story short... if things didn't work out the way they did, we would have been in the Oklahoma City tornado of 1999.

My best friend and I were rounding the curve of a highway towards her house up the mountain a bit, talking about how we met so randomly when she was wishing for a best friend, then I came along and wouldn't leave her alone... I was painfully shy all of my life, and was determined to make a friend.  We were half a mile from where the highway ends and the speed limit goes from 65 to 35 for the windy mountain roads when we hit a bump that made the passenger side of the El Camino jump.  Both of us were shocked and looked back to see what we hit.  We didn't see anything noticeable in the highway, and the car seemed to be driving ok, so we kept going another mile to her house.  We continued our conversation about how I had given up playing guitar, and wouldn't have gotten back into it if it weren't for her, and how funny it was that we really became friends after we had run into each other at a Christian concert with 1,000 people in attendance, both of us had gone alone, and neither of us were Christian.  Around the curves, slowing down, speeding up, stopping for opposite traffic, we make the left into her driveway.  Immediately, the front passenger side starts flopping as we park in front of the house.  We get out to find a flap of rubber and radial hanging off the side of the tire, big enough to put a fist through.  Logically, we should have died that day.  Spiritually, I am grateful beyond explanation, and so is my best friend. There are many synchronicities in my life, and I love every little one.

  Tiffany Richardson, Portland, OR


I was going to the library to pick up the first book I ever read on the subject of synchronicity. The title -- Unexpected Miracles-Synchronicity by David Rico Ph.D.  I'm walking out of the library into the parking lot looking down at the cover of the book. Suddenly a car blasted its horn. I froze and looked up to watch a car go by me. I could feel the front of my tee shirt touch the side of the car. The car slowed and at the back of it I saw his valet license plate [MIRACLES]  What are the odds?

Joel Dreher,


One evening, while at work, I decided to take a break and went outside the building with my cigarettes and cup of coffee. It was a beautiful evening. The temperature was around 75-80, no wind, and the sun was just beginning to set. Normally the climate here along the coast is very humid; but not this evening. While I was outside, I thought about how wonderful it was that I had the chance a few weeks earlier to travel to a small Marine base in California's Mojave Desert to attend a Marine Corps reunion. I had not seen these people in 25 years and all of us had the best time that night. Anyway, I said a silent prayer and told God how thankful I was to have had the opportunity to be with these people for the evening. I thanked him for helping my friend Susan and me arrange for the reunion dinner and also thanked him for letting us find these people from 25 years ago so easily. There was such a warm and loving feeling emanating from my heart. I said out loud "Thank you, God". I really meant it too! Well, I put out my cigarette and headed toward the door. With coffee mug in hand, I opened the door and to my surprise, the coffee mug slammed into the partially closed door and spilled on my shirt. I thought, "This is just great. I don't have time to drive home and change clothes." Well, the ladies in the office said "Go look in the mirror," and I did. To my surprise, the coffee stain formed a perfect heart right over mine. I intend to have the heart framed in the near future. It will have its place of honor with my other autographs; Maya Angelou and Chubby Checker. It is the "Autograph from God."

N.E., Morehead City, N.C.


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