Perfect Timing

"With flow, perfect timing smoothes the way
 in long-term and everyday logistics."

The Power of Flow, page 8

I had just arrived in Berkeley. I had an appointment with the dean of a college a few towns west of there. I was staying at the Best Western Hotel. I was all ready to go to the appointment. For no reason I could think of, I started to cry ó I mean really cry. Sobbing. I'm asking myself "What is this about?" All of a sudden the building was swaying. I thought, my, I've heard of these California tremors. Then the building is shaking, violently. I'm thinking, hmm could this be an earthquake? Yes, it was and the eerie thing is, if I hadn't stopped and cried I would have been on that bridge when it collapsed in the Earthquake of '89.

                                                              S.H.E., Massachusetts

It was nearly three years ago, on the week of my birthday. I was turning 18. I was feeling very depressed at the time, and also happened to own a broken-down and utterly useless car. I sat down for a moment, and for no other reason than my anger for that stupid car, and the frustration I felt in myself for everything that was going wrong in my young life, I sketched a picture on a piece of notebook paper which showed the car tumbling upside down as though I had pushed it off a bridge or cliff. But I managed to make it through that afternoon.

 The following Saturday, a few days later, several of my friends came over to my house to celebrate my birthday. With nothing else to do, we decided to head up to Lake Arrowhead, a small resort in our local mountains. It is about twenty minutes from here. Because there were five of us, and we did not want to all pile up in one car, we decided to take two cars, and agreed to meet at a Mc Donald's by the lake. It was a chilly October night, but the weather was otherwise good. We made it up to Lake Arrowhead without incident. After about a half hour of roaming the little village, we got bored, and decided to head back down to the valley. It was already about 8 pm. We were about halfway down the mountain when something happened.

I was sitting in the back seat of one of the cars. My friends in front suddenly began shouting... "That's a car, that's a car!" I looked in the direction they were pointing, and saw a pair of small lights flipping end over end down the hill side above us. A few undeterminable seconds later, I looked back ahead on the highway, and saw that my other friends were in serious trouble. Sparks and what appeared to be smoke sprayed at us from their tail. They pulled to the side of the road, and we pulled over behind them. After waiting in the freezing and inky dark night on that lonely mountain highway with out hazard lights flashing for twenty minutes, someone finally saw us and called the police. Meanwhile, we surveyed the damage to my friend's car, and discovered that everything in the undercarriage had been reduced to a twisted, smashed mess, including the transmission. A couple of large boulders laying in the highway were evidence of what had obviously happened.

 An even more frightening fact became know, when we looked up on the hillside, and saw a convertible Mustang lying precariously on a ledge some distance above us. The fallen car had obviously taken a few boulders down with it, which is what had struck my friend's car, nearly demolishing it. Strangely, after the police managed to see the car, they discovered no one was inside! The explanation given was that it had been stolen, and once all valuable items had been removed by the theives, they simply pushed it off the side of a road above. To this day, I do not know if I accept that explanation, but I don't have anything else to go on.

The real issue to think about is all the disturbing coincidences and matters of timing that happened that night. Had there been but a few seconds difference, it is likely that those boulders could have gone through my friend's windshield, killing the poor soul. If circumstances had been different, perhaps it is even possible that the car could have continued to fall -- right on top of us, instead of landing on that ledge. In any case, thankfully no one was hurt. Of course, the real interesting thing to note is the disturbing and undeniable coincidence between the flipped over car I had drawn in my little sketch at school, and the very improbable event of a car tumbling down the hillside only a few days later!!

Chris T., San Bernardino, California

Earlier this year I bought an audio cassette
by David Byrne. While starting my car I popped it in and let it play while I read the lyrics. As I began to back out of my parking space, this line from the song played, "He's in reverse..." I thought it was strange this happened as I backed out of the parking space. Then I began to notice it happened again. About 3 more times in the coming weeks, that particular line played as my car was in reverse. On the same cassette was a song with a great sound but I didnít get the meaning to it. One day I emailed a synchronicity website with this tale. As it happens, the person who read my mail told me that as he read it, on his juke box CD player, the song that I didnít understand the meaning to played in random mode. Synchronicity had always kept my interest, but now even more so. Though I'm still not exactly sure what kind of a sign that was, or if it was meaningless, I am still in awe that it took place.!

I was in the process of getting a website built for my new business and having problems with the designer.  We had not worked together before and it appeared that we were not communicating well.  It got to the point where I was going to fire her, but my wife suggested that I think about it and not be too rash in my decision.  I did this and sent the web designer another email to see if we could get to some common ground on the issue under discussion.

The next day, I had to get up early in order to take an extensive medical exam, which required that I be sedated.  It was cold that morning, so before leaving for the doctor's office, from which I needed to be driven home, I checked the local weather on the Internet.

While the computer was on, something told me to check my emails.  The emails contained two from my web designer.  I was not very pleased with what she had to say and was complaining to my wife during the trip to the doctor's office.  I told her that I had decided to lose, if necessary, whatever money I had already spent on the preliminary website work, cut my loses and find a new web designer.

At the doctor's office, as the prep nurse was hooking me up to the machine that would monitor my pulse and blood pressure, I commented that my blood pressure, which is normally low, would likely be a bit elevated due to the fact that I read my emails that morning before coming in.  Instead of just nodding and moving on, she asked me whether it was a personal or business email that got me upset, so I briefly told her my website story.  I turned out, that she had a friend living in our area who designed websites, the person I had been using was three time zones away.  She described her friendís background, talents and circumstances and it sounded like a perfect match.  Had I not turned on my PC to check the weather and then checked my emails, I would still be bothered by my dilemma.

 Paul Morris      


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