Repeating Words, Phrases, and Themes

"Synchronicities can happen one after the other,
as though a point is being made over and over again."

The Power of Flow, p. 23

I had been working in Memphis, Tennessee. That job had wrapped up and I was packing my truck, heading home. Walking back and forth from my rented room and my truck I glanced down at the ground and saw a business card on the ground. The name on it was Smith from the same company I had just left. I don't remember this guy giving me his card, but I guess he did because I had it. Two hours later I was driving West on I-40 when I got trapped behind an 18-wheeler. I had to slow down for a bit while traffic passed me by. I happen to glance at the rear door of the truck which said, "Expect something special from Smith."  I arrived home late. My wife had already eaten supper. She was, however, cooking something in the oven which smelled very nice. I asked her what was cooking. Apple pie, she replied. I don't like apple anything so I didn't think anything more of it. She was eating some of this pie later and she mentioned how good it was and that I should try it. I did so and it was delicious. I asked her if she made this or bought it. Bought it, she said -- and the brand was "Mrs. Smith's."

C.E., United States

I was at the County Clerk's office to apply for a business license. As you may imagine, there was a bit of a wait. To pass the time, I was practicing Spanish translations with the Touch Tutor on my iPhone. I had run out of "advanced" sentences to translate, though there were plenty of "basic" sentences remaining. I don't normally practice "basic" because they are, well, basic: How old are you/The supermarket is open/I like ice cream, etc.

So I was practicing these basic sentences when my husband called. He was downloading some software that we needed for our business. The online program had asked 3 security questions that only I would know. He was pretty sure he knew the answers but wanted to double-check with me. The 2nd question was, "which of these 3 people do you know?" There were two random names, which obviously I did not know. But the third was the name of my father. This sent a chill through me because my father is an alcoholic and I haven't spoken to him in almost 20 years. I confirmed the name with my husband and he was able to register the software. We hung up, and I resumed my Spanish translations. The next sentence that came up to be translated was, "What is your father's name?" How weird is that? I experienced two more synchronicities that day--neither involving my father, though--and I feel the overall message is that I'm on the right track with this new business.

Another quick example: I had decided to re-read Teachings of Don Juan, which I first read about 20 years ago. The next night, my husband and I were watching Mystery Science Theater, a show where they spoof old horror and sci-fi movies. Now, I selected this particular MST out of literally hundreds of programming choices. Within the first 5 minutes, one of the characters made a reference to Carlos Castaneda.

Ro, Southern California, United States


Two months ago, my husband told me that he was very unhappy with me and that he was ready to move on. At first I was devastated as I considered my husband my soul mate and best friend. Of course, I assumed it was a midlife crisis or depression that was causing these feelings in him. I asked him to stay until I could manage on my own. I was partly hoping to win him back.

Well, something else recently started. I just recently became licensed as a massage therapist and started working out of an office with a couple of other women. Business is slow and I am just making enough to pay rent. Occasionally when I haven't been able to do that, the lady who owns the business, just out of the blue, has excused the rent.

The other woman I work with picked up this book and read it and shared it with me. It was called The Power Of Flow. At first it didn't interest me too much. Although I have always been interested in trusting my intuition and believed in connectedness, it wasn't until a week ago that things started to fall in "Sync". As I was massaging a client, I found out that I knew her husband from years ago. Then two things happened. She said before she left, "I don't think it's just coincidence that we met." And the next day for an unknown reason I remembered that she was from Florida.

Upon waking the next morning, I was struck that my husband didn't say he loved me before he left for work. Then I had this feeling that everything is as it should be. And at that moment, the "coincidences" that led up to our marriage filled my thoughts. I realized that my husband came into my life when I most needed someone to care for me and my children and after all these years, I have finally found a way that I will be able to take on that responsibility on my own. Then another thought occurred to me. Maybe it is time for him to move on and maybe help someone else or maybe even himself. And a feeling of peace (and excitement) came over me. That's when my client and Florida came to mind. Not only her, but a friend had just come back from a stay in Florida and stopped by my house to visit the day before. I hadn't been home at the time she stopped by. As I was thinking about Florida, I also remembered that my work companion (the lady I rent from) just spent time there a month ago. OK so I'm starting to see a pattern. I get on the internet to look about things in Florida, such as licensing requirements, etc. When I get to work later on, two more coincidences come up pointing again to Florida. By now I'm convinced that I'm supposed to go there, maybe.

I have family there, but they don't answer the phone and my girlfriend who just came back doesn't want to go back so I'm left wondering what it all means. I started reading the book last week and it is so exciting. I'm trying to let FLOW into my life, but I'm having trouble grasping why or what the significance of "Florida" is. (The topic came up again between my workmate and a client.) Most of it seems to be focused in or around massage connections. And maybe it's not about me. Who knows. All I wanted was to share my excitement with others at this time. I'm positive the answers will reveal themselves. I will keep you posted.

                                                                                            Penny LMT, Missouri.


I had just heard for the first time in years
a song by Etta James, her classic torch number, "At Last." Hearing it, I decided that I should get my band to learn it so that we could perform it at an upcoming wedding gig. The next day, with the song echoing in my head, I turned on the TV and saw Cyndi Lauper performing the same song on a Sunday morning arts show. Cyndi Lauper is one of my favorite artists, but I hadn't seen her in years. A day or so later, a few hours before my band's weekly practice session, I was running around the house, getting ready to go, and I caught a glimpse of the show my husband and son were watching on TV. It was a broadcast of the movie, Pleasantville, and "At Last" was playing.

Greta S, Brownville, Maine


It happened over 20 years ago now, but I remember it as though
it happened yesterday and it will forever be etched in my memory.

I had been in AA for almost a year. I started out in ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) as memories of childhood abuse came floating back into my consciousness. Upon doing an intake, my therapist asked me to attend AA, as adult children of alcoholics are four times more likely to abuse alcohol and other substances than those whose parents did not.

So I went, with some feet dragging, and found that I belonged. And today I was in particular need of a meeting.

My youngest son Kyle was seven years old and seriously disabled. At this time his complete diagnosis was not in, but what my husband and I did know was that he had outrageous behaviors that we could not explain, and neither could the doctors. The diagnosis of autism did not seem to cover it all. He was constantly up at night, smearing feces (from the diaper he still wore) on the wall, screaming and laughing while doing so. He climbed on the dinner table and grabbed the chandelier without any concept of the danger. He kept his siblings up at night so that they never got completely rested before going to school the next day. He moved constantly, ran into the bookcase often, cutting his face and ear several times in the process. Many nights we were at the ER getting stitches.

I had finally talked a doctor into seeing Kyle for more than the typical 15 minutes so he could better observe his behaviors. This doctor helped our family get Kyle into ComCare, the RBHA (Regional Behavioral Health Authority) for Maricopa County, AZ at that time. Through ComCare he was placed in Camelback Hospital for observation and treatment.

This particular morning we were going to have a staffing on Kyle. The team at Camelback was going to meet with my husband and me. We were going to see Kyle's room and meet the people who would be caring for him. We were going to hear about treatment options. I was scared. I did not want my son away from home. I did not want him placed in an institution. I did not want any of this to be happening. And yet I knew we needed help.

I got my three other children off to school and then scoured my AA meeting list for an early morning meeting. There was one on Camelback Road (the same street as the hospital was on) and 16th Avenue in an older apartment building. I could get there by 7:30 and still be at the hospital by 9 for the staffing.

Upon arriving at the AA meeting, I had second thoughts. There were only 5 people in the room and they were all men. Not only that, they looked rough and unkempt. They varied in age and in race. Would a white middleclass mother with four children fit in here? I prayed, "Am I in the right place, God?"

Because I was new, obviously distressed, and a female, I was asked if I wanted to share first. I did. I rambled on about Kyle and how hard he was to take care of. I shared that I wanted to stay sober, but that I was really stressed about what I would find out at the hospital. I talked a little about my own childhood, my other children, and how hard our family life was.

Everyone listened and let me ramble until the words no longer came. Then, instead of sharing about themselves, each one shared in relation to me and Kyle. Black Wally shared first. (Black Wally had written several pamphlets that were published locally and given out at several of the AA gift stores. I had always looked forward to reading his wise words. I did not find out until later that this poorly dressed, dear man was the sage whom I had long admired.)

Black Wally shared that he had a goddaughter who was mentally retarded. He shared how much he loved her and that her life was worthwhile and how much knowing her had helped him grow spiritually and actually helped keep him sober. Joe shared next. He said that he was a Christian, an alcoholic, and mentally ill and that it was okay. He knew God loved him anyway and was keeping him sober. Carl, a young man barely out of his teens, shared that he just wanted to keep sober today too, and that he would pray for me and my family even after the meeting. The other two gentlemen also shared much of the same, each one concentrating on my pain more than their own.

The meeting came to an end and I realized the incredible kindness of these strangers as they listened to me. But more was to come. As I slowly pulled out of the parking lot, I heard my name. "Stop, Dottie, stop!" And so I did. Carl was riding fast on his bicycle. He had something in his hands. "These are for you", he said. He placed into my hands three beautiful roses that he had picked from the bushes near the apartment complex. I thanked him, almost crying as I drove off. I had water and a mug in the car, so I put the roses in their "vase" right away.

When I got to Camelback Hospital, I noticed my husband's car in the parking lot. He had gone into work early so he could take this time off. I was led through an outside corridor by one of the hospital staff to the children's wing. All along the fence leading to the wing were roses. Beautiful, climbing roses, peach in color, the same color as those that were given to me by Carl.

Then, we entered the building where the staffing was to be held and where Kyle was staying. The hospital staff directing me stopped. "Do you want to see Kyle's room?" she asked. "We'll pass it on the way to the staffing and you can see it if you want to". I wanted to. As we turned the corner, I could see a picture on the door of his room. As we approached the room, I gasped. The picture was of a hand-drawn peach-colored rose with Kyle's name above it. I was told that it had been done by the gentleman who was Kyle's direct care staff, Frank. I was told Frank was new, just hired the day before, and specialized in working with children with autism and other behavioral disorders. I barely could absorb it all.

And then we got to the room where the staffing was to be held. I saw my husband with an open seat for me next to him. Before I got to the seat, a man held out his hand to me and introduced himself. On his wrist was tattooed a rose. "I'm Frank", he said, "and I will be working with Kyle". I knew then that whatever happened, it would be all right and that God Himself had told

Dottie, Arizona, USA


A couple weeks ago my family and I had to make a quick decision on whether or not we would be willing to take in a foreign exchange student from Thailand for the year.  We tried weighing the pros and cons, but the decision was eventually made because of 'signs' I got in the few days we had to decide. On the very day the coordinator called and asked if we would be interested in taking this student from Thailand - my closest friends brother just arrived that very day in Thailand for business. I have never known anyone that traveled to Thailand.  While surfing the internet I asked for another sign and when I clicked on a decorating forum that I frequent - right there without scrolling down at all was a question about fabric from Thailand.  Later that day, I went to the mall to do some shopping. Everything I picked up seemed to have a label "Made in Thailand" - a lamp, men's pajama's, a decorative tray.
We went ahead and agreed to take the student - she's only been here a week and things right now are awkward and a bit uncomfortable as she is very shy. When I start having doubts - there's the Thailand reference again. Reading the obituaries last week - the first I saw was a young man who had been killed guessed it..Thailand!  Bought some earrings from eBay and the tag attached read "Made in Thailand"! I find it amusing now as it is becoming so commonplace.  I feel we were "supposed" to take this student in.
                                                                                                              LG, Missouri

I have experienced synchronicity some times in my life, but I always forget about it again after a few days. Then I bought the book The Power of Flow and started to notice things again. Here is what happened. It's been 19 years since I last had a bicycle and during these years I've not missed it at all; In fact, I wasn't very good at it! But ten days ago I all of a sudden got the feeling that I'd like to cycle again; also because I really don't get any exercise. I started thinking a lot of buying a bike but I didn't tell anybody about it. (When I finally told my daughters they started laughing, they just couldn't imagine). But the following evening, my husband started to talk about bicycles and that he would carry me on his bike on my 50th birthday! The next day I went to visit a girl friend of mine and she showed me that her and her family had just bought new bikes. I kept thinking, but I didn't feel like paying that much money for a brand new bike. On the following day I went to the supermarket and there, just when I entered, I saw a piece of information: second-hand bicycles for sale! I wrote down the phone number and went home. The same evening a program in TV was about traffic - and the government minister in charge said that we should all cycle much more. I surrendered and told my husband about my idea of buying a bike and he, of course, thought it was a very good idea. I also told him about the note in the supermarket, and the following day I called the number and got an appointment the day after to come and look at the bikes. What happened? I bought one at a third of the price of a brand new one - and a very good quality as well. Then came the moment when I went out on my bike for the first time in 19 years! It wasn't that easy the first time, but after a few times I felt very comfortable and I now cycle every morning to my job -- and I really enjoy it, much more than I thought I would.

Connie Rasmussen


I am an advertising copywriter (both print and television)
and for the last six months, have been freelancing, while exploring full-time possibilities. On Monday, January 13, I went to a dermatologist to have a mole examined on my back. While I was with him, he looked at my face and asked me if I was aware that I had a mild case of rosacea, a reddening of the skin across the cheeks and bridge of the nose. He told me that rosacea can be controlled but not cured with a new product called MetroGel. Two days later, out of the blue, I was offered a job as the copy supervisor at a medical advertising agency on the MetroGel account! Meaningful coincidence? Well, to me, it is!

 T.B., New York

Weird is not the word
that gives my synchronicity experiences justice. I've had this problem with redness in the face for some time now, and it's really made me suffer a lot. Last week while going for a ride to Santa Fe with my mother, I went to a book store to pick up some books on philosophy. My mother gave me $25. I had enough money to buy the $13 book on Buddhism but I estimated I had just enough to buy this book called "The Tao of Psychology," which is about synchronicity. When I bought the book I had just 15 cents more than what I needed. So I made my way home, just in time to see this commercial about rosacea my mom flipped the channel too quick for me to get the right info. I was disgusted! All this time suffering and this weird commercial comes on describing exactly what I go through every day and I missed it! It almost felt like my nightmare was over. So I searched for hours on the net for info about what I thought was spelled rosacia or metrolin to no avail. Then today I was bored and had already completely forgotten about this medicine. Then I just thought of a subject that interested me and ran a search for synchronicity. I found your page and printed the stories you had of people with these experiences. While reading them just ten minutes ago, there was a story on "Repeating Words or Phrases" about a man who went to a dermatologist and his doctor told him he had rosacea. This completely blew my mind!!! Not only did I have the most incredible synchronicity event ever but now I know how to spell Rosacea!!!

B.H., Las Vegas, New Mexico


I was in the college library doing some research for an English paper. While I was looking for a book, I came across a book on the author Robertson Davies, whom I had not heard of. I leafed through the book because the name had interested me and then I put it back. Later in the day when I was driving home I was listening to the local public radio station. I had missed the beginning of the show and so I didn't know who was being interviewed, but I kept listening because it was a fascinating show. It turned out that the interview was with Robertson Davies.

B.D., Philadelphia, Pa.

In my parents' den lies hundreds of books. My two-year-old walked over, pulled a book from the shelf, and handed it to me -- "Incredible Coincidence" by Alan Vaughan. That night on television I heard the word "synchronicity" for the first time. I had to read the book. For weeks after, my life turned into a jigsaw puzzle -- and every time I turned around I was handed a new piece.


One day I borrowed a book about how the internet works
. Later that evening I was sitting in my office with my hand on the book just beginning to open the book. A thought about a friend at a local sailing club entered my mind and I made a statement to my wife about this individual. After talking with my wife I began to read this book. On the second or third sentence of the first page was the name of the individual that I just made the comment about. It just so happens that she was the editor of this book. I was somewhat stunned, to say the least. I believe the odds of such an occurrence happening randomly are very low. However I do not perceive any meaning from this event.

Perplexed in Indianapolis

My husband has finally had a "synchronicity"
in his life --at least that he will say something "eerie" happened. He went to Milwaukee and there were huge pieces of wood nailed together and very long, in the middle of the three lanes. He had seen the left lane was opened. He swerved to miss them (hit car parts from the other vehicles that did hit the wood pieces) damage. Then a few days later, he was on another three lane highway and there were "chunks" of wood, right in front of him. He had to swerve to miss damage. Then, today, (the only time I was with him to see this "wood thing"), we were driving on a major highway over a bridge, only two lanes...had to swerve to miss wood pieces again! He thinks this will "end" things happen in "threes." ....or so he thinks! Later, my husband and I went to a car show. Just on leaving we ran into a fella who said he had "just thought of my husband and another guy" the night before the show. They had not seen each other in 15 or so years! Then, the "other guy" the man had thought of showed up -- on the other side of him. The two men he thought of the night before were there with him the next day! Synchronicity plus one! This turned out to be a "double synchronicity" for me. Someone had passed away (someone I did not really know at all), and I felt that I had seen this person the week before they died. This "ties in" here as after mentioning the synchronicity of the "two men meeting." I told my husband to "tell of" his "wood synchronicity" which I submitted to this column separately. He told the man, and the man went on with another "three-some" which he told of seeing three men within one week (who he "rarely" saw, one had never been to his place before), they all stated that they came to him to see him for the "reason" of especially seeing him. They all died within a short time (a week) This "synchronicity" added to the "first" feeling I was trying to "shake" of having just seen someone and having read they passed on. It was like an "interwoven" synchronicity of three people (again three)....weird, weird, weird.

Georgie Merbach

When I was on vacation, I was bored,
so I played the game Boggle with my brother. That's the game where you shake up little cubes with letters on them and try to find words. Two times when I found a word, I thought to myself, "That has significance." The two words were "pet" and "eye." In about four days when we went home from the vacation, we picked up our dog from the kennel. The dog was 10 years old and in extremely good health. Then that night, out of the blue, he died. While my mom was crying about it, she scratched her cornea and had to wear an eye patch for a week.

Dan E., Chicago, Illinois

I had a dream I was married to Steve McQueen, the actor (deceased). It was a really nice dream. He was a nice guy. I was happy. I woke up and couldn't get this out of my mind, all day. While I like the movies I had seen of his, he hadn't been on my mind in years. I had never had a "crush" on him. Later in the day I got on the net and found out that his birthday was that same day. He would have been 70. It gave me goose bumps. I was more obsessed than ever. Later that day I was driving to my sister’s and a new building I had never seen was on her block -- "McQueen's." When I got to my sister’s, she was addressing an envelope and asked me to put it in her mailbox (her baby was in her arms). I looked at the envelope it was to Lisa MCQUEEN. I never figured what all this meant. I think it was just to get me to research coincidence, synchronicity and a deeper spiritual awareness.

I will be reading with the radio on. Just as I am reading a certain word or phrase I will hear it on the radio also at the exact same moment. This happens sometimes two or three times a day. I feel very weird when it occurs and have no idea if it means anything or why it happens. I've stopped telling other people about my experiences because they give me funny looks. If something similar has happened to someone else I would like to hear from them.

This is to let ""
know that he is not alone: Both I and a friend of mine have often experienced thinking of or reading a word which is then simultaneously played on the radio or TV. Often, the word or thought does seem trivial, but with inspection, there are times when there is some significance in how it relates to our current issues. In any case, these occurrences are always rather jolting! Best of luck, all!


H. Cluney

While having an early morning quiet time last week
, I picked up a book and began to read where the bookmark was: "One way to look at crisis is as an opportunity." I next remembered notes I took from a book called "Different Drum" by Scott Peck. It's an excellent treatise on true community. I found the notes and the very first thing I had written was: "I am reminded of the Chinese word for 'crisis' which consists of two characters: one represents 'danger' and the other 'hidden opportunity.'" This same day, I see my spiritual director, Gail, and after sharing the dawning realization that the main reason for dysfunction in my family was ancestors who were alcoholics, she asks, "How do you feel about this realization? Crisis can manifest itself as opportunity -- it depends on how you view it." Three times in a 12-hour period was enough for me! All right, already, I'll look at crisis with different eyes!

Pat, New Jersey

Today, I wanted to go for Cuban sandwiches -- don't know why but I suddenly had a craving. IN the area where I work in Manhattan, this delicacy isn't really prevalent. But we were searching out a place, when I remembered that someone at work had told me where they made terrific sandwiches. I couldn't remember who the person was, and I kept thinking and thinking until finally, I remembered his name and called it out to the person I was with. Well, we found a place, but not the right one. When we returned to work, not only do we bump into this exact person...but the irony was that when we asked him about the restaurant, he told us (what a coincidence) he had started going to get something to eat and suddenly decided to go to this place -- for Cuban sandwiches -- today and he hadn't been there in a couple of months. I laughed it off by saying, "Oh, we must have put that thought in your head." But you know what? Maybe I did.

N., New York

I moved to Seattle in 1990; I was 23 years old and never visited Seattle before. I lived in Seattle for seven years and finally came to a decision that it was time to return to my roots in Hawaii. After I put my condominium up for sale in December 1997, I felt a tremendous relief. My friends tried in vain to persuade me not to return as the economy in Hawaii had taken a deep dive in recent years. Nonetheless I knew that my course was set. As each day passed and as my departure date was soon approaching I began to notice many synchronistic events. I was standing at the counter in the post office mailing some huge boxes and I noticed that the lady standing next to me kept staring at me. She finally left and was waiting outside for me apparently. She wanted to know if I was moving back to Hawaii. It turned out she was thinking about returning herself and how nice it would be to be back home.

Also, I was having some problems with my mail forwarding at the post office and the postal supervisor who assisted me was from Hawaii and wearing a muumuu. The man who helped me pack my mountain bike, computer equipment and prized lamp was born in Seattle and was part-Hawaiian.When I went to the Sea-Tac airport to purchase my ticket, I had to stand in a long line and when I finally got to the counter the agent said she couldn't assist me as she was not assigned to do the tickets for that particular airline and directed me to another agent who totally ignored me so he could close his counter; he made no effort to re-direct me or to respond to my request for assistance. Finally, I found myself waiting for yet another agent. That agent, named Po, was very pleasant and quickly calmed my nerves. As he was processing my ticket, he told me a very personal story about how his entire family was killed by Pol Pot terrorists when he was a little boy. He said he was the only survivor as he was previously taken to a work camp. He said he is now married and has a family of his own. His message to me was that life is good and family is important! That summed it up for me! My decision to return to Hawaii would have great significance.

I finally made it to Hawaii in late March 1998 and was reunited with family and friends. Upon my return I received two unexpected calls from friends I had not seen in years. A friend from college who was residing in Hong Kong was returning to the islands for a visit and asked that I accompany her on a trip to the Big Island to swim with dolphins. The second phone call I received was from a friend of the Sandy Beach Initiative Coalition inviting me to a reunion. When I lived in Seattle I had an enlarged color photo of our SB group hanging on my entry wall and oftened wished that I could see them all again someday. (We made the cover of Honolulu Magazine in 1988). These two phone calls and subsequent events were like a BIG welcome back sign for me! I'll always have connections to Seattle but for now I'm doing my best and watching for more synchronicities in Hawaii.

Iris, Honolulu, Hawaii

About five years ago, things started happening to me in doubles...I went to the local quickie mart to buy a newspaper...Instead of grabbing one, I unknowingly grabbed two...Once outside, I realized that another paper was stuck inside, so I returned it ( I had only paid for one, and why waste paper, right? )...This seems like such a mundane experience, but what follows is very strange...The next day, I had gone shopping with my mother to the local mall...We had stopped at a pretzel stand for a snack...We had ordered two sodas and one pretzel...The woman specifically confirmed our order twice...We walked away with, you guessed it, two pretzels and two sodas, even though we only paid for one pretzel...A few days later, while shopping at yet another mall with a friend, we had stopped for a bite to eat...We had asked for two sodas and one hot dog ( one of us was not eating )...What we received was two hot dogs and two sodas...Pretty weird, right?...Well, the very same night, I went out to dinner with my family to a local restaurant...I ordered a bowl of soup...The waitress brought my soup and I finished it...The bowl was collected by the busboy...A few minutes later, a different waitress brought me another bowl of soup, as if I had never received the first!..These strange coincidences continued for about six months, until I met my then fiance....a twin!!!!!...I thought that this was all happening because the universe was telling me that I was to marry a twin and possibly have twins of my own someday...I do not think this anymore, as I have since broken off the engagement with my former fiance ( the twin ) and married someone else...I also recently had a son ( 7 months ago ) and he was not a twin...Strangely, the "doubles phenomena," as I have termed it, stopped for about a year....In the past month alone, strange things have been happening again...I signed up to be on a mailing list for a clothing retailer...Instead of listing me once, they listed me twice ( one spelled correctly, the other not )...All coupons and sales promotions I receive from them, I receive two instead of one...I phoned my doctor's office today to schedule an appointment...They had two Cara Sternbachs listed in their computer...Now come on...Cara is a rare name...Especially spelled with a C...I have only known one in my lifetime...Sternbach is also rare in our area...There are only three listed in our county phonebook...Well, as it turns out, the other Cara Sternbach was just recently born...a few months ago in the year 2001!!!...I was shopping at the mall just the other day with my husband and baby ( It does seem like I do an awful lot of shopping at the malls in this story, doesn't it?...Just another coincidence ) when in the elevator with us was a mother and her twin babies in a stroller...As the elevator opened, I was wheeling my son in his stroller when I bumped into another mom entering the elevator...Guess what she had?...Twin babies!!!...How strange...One set of baby twins in the elevator with us and one set of twins upon exiting the elevator....I am baffled and very confused by all of this...I do believe that everything happens for a reason and have held a strong interest in all that is unexplainable ( psychic phenomena, dream symbols, synchronicity ) since I was 15 years old...I am not afraid of these twin synchronicities...Rather, I find them humorous and embrace them...I just wish I knew what message the universe is trying to get across...Was I a twin in a former life?...Will I someday give birth to twins?...Do I have two souls?...Two personalities?...Is my spirit guide or guardian angel a twin?...What is the meaning of all of this?...With so many synchronicities pointing in the same direction for such a long period of time, there must be a reason right?

Cara Sternbach


I have naturally in the past few years experienced episodes of synchronicity like crazy. My most recent one happened when I was reading Brian Green's The Fabric of the Cosmos. I happened to be reading about what he called "now time" and his graphic showed time sliced into moment by moment segments. That same week I heard a story about the journalist who talked with a man who had taken pictures of the same street corner at the same time of day for years. The piece I had read from the book came instantly to mind. I discussed this synchronicity with a friend and told him that I had heard that story before but I couldn't remember the source. A couple of days later he was staying at my house because I had to take him to the airport the next morning. I was going to sleep on the couch so I was casually flipping through the television channels to get sleepy when I came upon a scene from a movie where a writer was looking at multiple photographs of the same street corner taken over a period of years. What are the chances of happening upon the exact scene that echoed my synchronicity? I was wowed and had to wake my friend for conformation. These synchronicities happen often but I have found that they don't mean anything other than I am on the right track or else I have no clue how to interpret them. I go through periods where they are absent and as if from nowhere they come flooding in. I have also in more recent years written poetry, mostly in natural settings, that seem to come from a source other than myself. I don't really understand these experiences but I like it.

Chuck Price

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