"Stories of rescues -- someone being in the right place
at the right time to save the day, and maybe a life -- fill
 our daily newspapers and television reports. The rescuer
and the person rescued were on paths that converged
 at exactly the right time, and often at least one was in that
spot for the first time."

The Power of Flow, p. 19


Many years ago I was standing at a crowded crosswalk. It was rush hour and traffic was four lanes, moving fast. There were many people waiting for the walk sign to flash. All of a sudden the girl standing in front of me ran out into the traffic. I saw her and heard the cars' screeching brakes. I instantly ran out and grabbed her by the neck and pulled her back. She was shook up. She said, "What are you? Who are you? Are you an angel?" I said, "I guess I was at that moment." Then she said, "I was going to commit suicide. I thought no one cared, but you did, so someone cares." I said, "Just don't do that again, ok?" She sat down on the sidewalk crying, "I won't, I promise I won't."

 S.H.E., Massachusetts

I was in my mid-twenties in Minneapolis.  I had been drinking with my boyfriend at a riverside dive on the wrong side of downtown Hennepin. We had a bad argument that left me stranded in subzero weather around 2 a.m. Everything was suddenly closed.  There were no taxis, and I think I was broke anyway.  I went into a freezing phone booth by the road.  My roommates didn't answer my call.  At this point of panic a station wagon pulled up.  A man asked me if I needed a ride.  He said he was with the environmental protection agency.  I nervously got in realizing this was a dangerous move. He told me I looked like a friend of his from Israel.  He was sure I was her. He asked me how often angelic coincidence occurred in my life.  I said once or twice a year maybe.  He responded it occurred for him every 15 minutes.  I was home safe and sound by 2:30.

K.T., California


First understand I am a very "normal" mother of two teenagers. I live in Chicago and am in sales. I never thought of my experiences as synchronicity, really. Perhaps a "guardian angel," but I always have listened to the "voice."  Several events are indelibly imprinted in my memory. I don't wear seat belts - despite state laws. I never wear them unless I am on the highway. Late one night I went out for milk - a six-block ride. The streets were basically deserted and as I got into my car I distinctly heard, like a whisper, "Put on your seat belt." I did. Two blocks later, at a major four-lane intersection, I had a green light and went through at about 30 mph. Much to my shock, two cars were drag racing in the middle of the night. Both cars ran their red light and one car spun out and missed me by a hair. It was so scary I had to stop my car to keep my heart from jumping into my throat. Both cars then continued to speed on. About a year later, now travelling on the Interstate from Chicago to Indianapolis, going a smooth 70 mph, I heard the voice again, "Slow down. Pull over to the right. Slow down." I was in the fast lane. The voice was so strong I couldn't ignore it. I slowed down to perhaps 40 mph. I pulled over to the slow lane. Then right before my eyes, an 18-wheeler couldn't take the turn in the road. It hit two other cars and jack-knifed into the median. If I had kept at my original speed, in the lane I was travelling in, I would have been one of those cars impacted by the truck. Once again, my heart was beating a million miles a second as I realized what could have happened if I had not heeded the "voice" in my head.



As a member of a religious community of women
(a nun), I was doing spring cleaning in the kitchen of our convent and decided to change the shelf paper in the pantry. I was surprised to find a poster describing the Heimlich Maneuver, a life-saving method for choking, under the shelf paper! I didn't think it would ever do anyone any good if it was hidden, so I taped it to the inside of the closet door, thinking that we would all know where it was if needed so it was not necessary to display it in the kitchen. The very next day, we were having lunch in the dining room and I was somewhat animated in conversation about summer plans, etc., as I was eating a salad. Suddenly I realized I had inhaled a bit of salad and began to choke. I was embarrassed so I went into the adjoining kitchen to regain composure. However, I soon realized that I could not breathe, nor could I speak. Then I remember the life-saving poster, but I hadn't yet told the other sisters where it was and I was getting weak and afraid that I could never get their attention and explain what was needed before I lost consciousness. Someone came into the kitchen at the point to see how I was and all I could do was to keep pointing to the closed pantry door. It didn't make sense to her but she finally opened the door, found the poster, read it quickly and used the procedure on me. It worked immediately. As soon as I could speak, I told them how I'd found the poster the day before. We all had prayers of gratitude that night!

                                                               B.C., St. Louis


In 1979 I was hitchhiking in Ohio to a courthouse
that was about 50 miles away. Two men in a 1927 Mercedes replica picked me up, but only took me as far as the bar they were going to go drink in, a dumpy little dive bar on State Route 14, in the middle of nowhere. Nothing for at least 5 miles either way, the road was a deserted two-lane highway. I stood outside in front of that bar an hour trying to bum a ride then walked a bit. There were no cars at all coming, maybe one every 10 minutes. A blue 1970 Chevelle approached, it had a yellow New York license plate, and a banana peel flew out the window of the Chevelle at me. I flipped the guy "the finger". He continued past me, but I noticed he turned around, passed me up coming back, then did a loop to approach me again. However, a guy in a green Chevy El Camino approached, pulled over, and picked me up. As I was getting into the El Camino, the Chevelle passed and the passenger window was down, and the driver of the Chevelle was pointing a handgun at me. The El Camino had a little Jesus thing hanging from his mirror, and the driver was kind enough to drive me all the way to the courthouse.

Chris E., Georgetown, Texas


One morning in the late 70's, our friend Wade called to talk to my husband Larry. We lived on Wyoming farms about 4 miles from each other. Wade had been our best man and over the years he and I had become very close. This morning, Larry was in town and Wade said not to worry because he was just calling to shoot the bull. Late that afternoon as I headed to town, I met Larry on his way home. We waved and I continued on. I remembered that Wade wanted to talk to him, but I decided I'd just tell Larry when I got home. But suddenly I found myself turning around and racing after Larry. I flagged him down and suggested that he stop by Wade's on his way home. Then I turned around and proceeded on to town, feeling fascinated that I had taken the time to stop Larry . . . I mean, Wade just wanted to chat. A few minutes later, Larry pulled into Wade's farm yard----just as Wade's leg became caught in the PTO shaft of a tractor he was repairing. Larry sprang out of his pickup and ran to help. Before Larry could get the tractor shut down, it had completely removed Wade's overalls and had begun to bite into his leg. If Larry hadn't pulled in at precisely the moment he had, Wade would have probably lost his leg, or perhaps more. Later we marveled at the fact that I turned around and went after Larry . . . it was so routine for Wade to call to chat and it was highly unusual for me to have taken the extra step to race after Larry and flag him down. And we knew that something bigger than all of us was involved. And my strong bond with Wade became even stronger.

The day of the power blackout in August 2003, I arrived at a friend's in Toronto moments before the power went out. We went out to my car to listen to my radio to find out what the problem was. Having heard, we were standing in the driveway when a neighbor came by and asked if we were aware of the presence of a huge basketball-sized hornet's nest in a pine tree, face level, less than 10 feet off the drive. My friend had not known it was there, and  we all marveled at this formidable but beautiful sight. On arriving home a few days later, I set out to cut the grass with our ride-on mower. I felt compelled to walk the property to check for signs of bee nests. As I was finishing my walk about, I rounded one of my two fir trees, and there, a mere foot or so above my head, was the same type of nest as was at my friend's home 500 km away. It was just as lethal looking, and I decided to have a professional deal with it. When he arrived, he informed me that these were white-faced hornets and very aggressive, and had I driven under the nest in my ride-on, the hornets would definitely have attacked me. He received his first sting of the season as he approached the nest. I am allergic to bee venom, and shudder to think what would have happened if I had not seen the nest at my friend's house. Having heard a radio segment on synchronicity a few weeks later, and having never heard of it before beyond it being called coincidence, I was further amazed at yet another "coincidence". This is a very interesting topic that I am now exploring. I was yet again surprised to find a website where I could share my recent synchronicity event. Having had this profound experience, I will in the future listen carefully to the events in my life.

Marsha, Canada


About six years ago, I was coming home from work
and realized that I needed to stop at the grocery store. So I pulled into Fred Meyer's (a grocery store in the Pacific Northwest) and it must have taken about a 1/2 hour to get in and out...I was happy that it didn't take the normal hour...As I was tired. I walked out to my car, and placed the groceries in the trunk.. Then got in the car..excited to be heading home...I placed the key into the ignition...only to be greeted with absolutely nothing!!! Yep...the darn thing wasn't going to start...I knew It was the darn battery again...Oh well I thought to myself, I can easily get someone to give me a jump...Or so I thought...That easy attempt to have someone help...took a good 1/2 hour of asking almost everyone in the parking lot to help me...with no takers...So I finally gave up and decided I would ask someone in Fred Meyer to help...obviously I just bought groceries from them and am a regular...maybe they just might help!!! As I entered the store I went toward a booth that I knew was for helping people find products...and found a manager there. I asked him if someone could help me...and threw in that I had just bought groceries from them...just in case he might not be so willing to help as I thought....He turned out to be very helpful though...with a smile he stated he'd find some that a employee came running around the corner..and the man whistled at the employee and motioned him to come our way...the young man came over and the manager asked him if he had his car today..or was he driven? The young man replied, "No, I drove myself today why??".The manager then asked him if he would be so inclined to help the young lady jumpstart her car??? "Sure" said the young man...With that we headed to the front doors of the store...As we opened the doors to head to the parking lot the young man turned to me and said. " take me to your car and then I'll bring mine over..and get that car roaring again." So we started walking in the direction of my car...As soon as we were almost at my car door...the young man turned to me and said..."Is this your car??" I said "Yes, it is".....The young man than started laughing and said..."Wow...I've never seen anything like this. "At this point I was kind of curious and at the same time getting kind of annoyed...and asked "What?? What is It?" The young man then looked at me and said..."Well, I don't need to get my car after all...My car is right here...." As it turned out the young man's car was parked right in front of mine...All he had to do was pop the hood of his trunk.!!!!!!!!

Denise Annette Henry, Tacoma, Wash.


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