Numbers, Dates and Time

"Strings of synchronicities can appear in repeating
numbers or words. A certain number may start to emerge
as a signal of something important in your life."

The Power of Flow, p. 24

The numbers 23 and 5 (2+3) are predominant in my life. My father is the eldest of five children (2 boys, 3 girls). My father, his brother, and his middle sister were all born on October 23 with different years (the older and younger sister were born on July 7 of different years). My father and mother were married on September 23. Being the first born, I was born on December 23. I was married on January 23. My favorite cousin (we're 2 months apart) was also married on January 23 different year.  I went into labor with my first child on September 23. I started my first real job (aside from babysitting as a teenager) on August 23. My father died on July 23. My paternal grandmother died on November 23.  Several years after my divorce, I met my first lesbian lover on April 23, which lasted 3 years.  My first experience with a man after seven years happened to be on August 23.

I was working for a not-for-profit organization in New York City for about a year when my sister, who lives in California, called to tell me that the secretary at her best friend's job was leaving the company and she wanted me to submit my resume.  I told her that I was fine where I was and our organization should receive the federal funding we applied for, which would allow me to work for a salary compared to the stipend I was getting at the time. Unbeknownst to me, my sister submitted my resume anyway and a few days later I was offered the position over the phone.  I guess my sister's excitement was contagious because I ended up accepting the position and gave my notice at the organization. I started my new job on May 5, 2003, which equals to 5/5/5. When I started my new job, I found out that my two bosses' both shared mine and my father's birthday; October 23 and December 23.

Less than a month after moving to California, I received a call from the non-profit I was working for in NYC informing me that the federal funding had come in. They offered me a position as program director with a salary of  nearly $55,000, which was more than twice what I was making at my new job. I was too happy in California to go back. Had I stood in NY just a little while longer, the federal funding would have been in which would have provided me with the salary that I've been waiting for. If that had happened, I would have never moved to California where I've experienced the most peace and happiness ever!  Yes, I do believe everything happens for a reason!!

Myra M., Moreno Valley, California, USA


My mother died when I was 4 years old on March 2, 1954.
Last Monday, March 4, 2013, I received a text from my step-sister that my father had passed on the previous Saturday afternoon, March 2, 2013. I knew my mother had died in March 1954 but wasn't sure of the day. When at the grave yard to check on things the afternoon after the funeral, I went by my mother's grave and saw that my father had died on the exact date of March 2nd. The strange thing is that they died 49 years apart and that was the year of my birth, 1949

Gary, USA

My husband and I have two numbers that seem to reoccur in our lives. They are the numbers "7" and "9". We are definite soul mates. We met on the 9/9/1998. Our ages at the time we met were 27 and 29 respectively. You can also do the math to get either a seven or a nine from our ages. Our birthdays are 2/19/1971 and 2/17/1969. Naturally, we planned our wedding for 7/17/1999. Our first address was 115 #43(each number adding to seven). When we were searching for our first home, the real estate agent showed us a house that we fell in love with. We bought it. The house number is 709.

I was having problems with a phone bill that I thought I had paid, but hadn't been processed through my bank account. My phone number's last four digits were 6151. I called the bank and was given another number to call to inquire about the payment - 561-0615. When I found out that the payment hadn't gone through I realized that I could deposit a cheque I had just received for a reimbursement for a course I had taken to cover the bill. The number of the cheque was 1651!

The number 88 is the number that will appear to me all over the place, usually on a daily basis. It always amazes me the places that I will see it where I don't expect to - such as license plates, phone numbers, on bills, signs, account numbers, tickets, etc. Even one website I visited tonight told me I was the 188th person there. I seem to have this number appear in clusters, coming to me more often some times than others. What does this mean??

Lynn Baxter, Geraldton, Ontario, Canada

I have two numbers that show up in my life most often, as well as a few others that show up with less frequency. The 2 most frequent are 22 and 17. The first time I noticed this was when I was 15 and had just started dating the guy who would be my first love. His birthday was March 17, the same day as my favourite singer at the time, Billy Corgan. Jason (the boyfriend) and I lived 2 hours apart and had been writing for at least 6 months before meeting. We had tried to meet so many times but it just never worked out. Finally, on May 17, 1997 we met for the first time. Later, looking back at past journal entries, I realized that on May 17 one year earlier I had had a very strange experience with an old friend (who I have also always had a crush on) where we ended up holding hands out of nowhere. This intrigued me, so I studied all my journals going back to 4th grade. Turns out it was May 17th when I had written a note to a boy in my 4th grade class asking if he wanted to "go out with me." Weird. Since then I have often had anniversaries on the 17th or friends with birthdays on the 17th. Also, studying my journals I noticed that I wrote the most poems on those two days. I went through and kept track of which dates I wrote any poem on, and the numbers were staggeringly high for the 17 and 22, as well as a little higher for the 10 and 27, my other two common numbers. As for 22, it is my birthday. One high school boyfriend who I met and instantly felt a very strong connection with had his birthday on the 22nd, and we met on the 22nd. I have many good friends whose birthdays are on the 22nd. It doesn't surprise me anymore, when I find out I just say, "Ooooh, you're a 22nd baby." Currently I have been living with my soulmate for 2 years. His birthday is the 10th and we met on the 22nd, though I didn't realize that at first because we for some reason call the 27th our anniversary. Another odd date coincidence in our relationship is kind of personal, but too weird to leave out. I lost my virginity on May 28th, 1999, and exactly one year later was the first time that I slept with my soul mate who I live with now. I'm sure there are lots more of these that I'm forgetting but that's what I can think of right now. I definitely look for big things to happen on these days. I plan to get married on the 17th, hopefully of May.

I have just began seeing a pattern with the number 1315. My work address was 1315 and when I changed jobs it was again 1315. At work, I have to do visits and we are randomly given assignments. I had to visit a place with the address 1315! I have never been a part of any organization, but then I decided to become a part of a cultural institution. When I received their acknowledgement, their address was also 1315! One day, I was walking and some glass fell out of a window and crashed right behind me and when I looked up, the number 1315 was the first number I saw! I have no idea what's going on!

My grandfather is a sibling of four. My grandmother is a sibling of two.My mother is a sibling of four. My father is a sibling of two. I am now one of four children; my brother, [me], step-brother, and step-sister. My brother and I are each four years apart from our step brother and sister;
they're twins. [they're 13, he's 9/ I'm 17] My father's father left his family when my father was four, and when my uncle was two. My parents divorced when my brother was four. I was born in 1984, my brother in 1992. I am to graduate this June 2002. I know for a fact that there has to be a deeper meaning to all this; I just don't know what it is yet. (amouse)

First of all, I was born at 4:11 p.m.
The number 411 is the number to dial for information where I live. Coincidentally, I was inducted into an honor society on 4/11, while I was living in an apartment numbered 411. There are other numbers which I seem to notice, often when I am completely absorbed in some type of activity. I can't readily explain these occurrences, but I feel that they affect me at some deeper level of consciousness.

M.E., Quincy, California

I have always collected and been interested
in things having to do with 66 (1966, Rt. 66, had a "66" Corvette). One time I collected 66 - 1966 quarters. I didn't know why, I just did it. As soon as I made it to 66 quarters, that very day, I received in the mail a brochure about Childreach, asking me to sponsor a child in another country -- and they wanted $66 quarterly! So, of course, I signed up and have now been sponsoring a child named Sunggu in Indonesia for 7-8 years. I've never felt the need to collect 66 - 1966 quarters again. They served their purpose!

Renee Schwartz, Illinois

Several years ago I became very interested in Jungian Psychology
I immersed myself in all the literature I could get ahold of on the subject. Dr. Jung became a significant mentor figure for me. When I was a nine-year-old child, my father died and I have always looked for figures to replace my father. Some of these people have not been positive, but Dr. Jung has turned out to be a very positive one. At any rate, Dr. Jung was born July 26, 1875. One day I felt an urge to visit the grave of my father, who had been dead some thirty years at that time. I had not been there in a long time and had never really paid any attention to his birthday. When I arrived I immediately saw his date of birth was also July 26, but in 1928.

J.H., Tennessee

I have many watches.
All but one are quartz movements. When I take a watch off, I stop it to conserve the battery. More often than not, I'll pick up a watch and look at it and set it, and the time will be exactly right! And it might have been a day, a week, or a month since I wore it! This happens to me several times a week.

J.P., Texas

I began seeing the number's 11:11 appearing on the VCR clock in my living room when I was 19 years old. My birthday is 11-19-1983. When you add up 8 and 3, you get 11, keeping the 19 part, it's 19-11. I saw it maybe once a week, then a few days a week, and then every day. I'm 21 years old, and it's gotten stronger and more frequent. I started out seeing 11:11, then 1:11 every single day. It's 11:33 right now as I just looked at the clock on my computer, and 55 degrees. Anyhow, I have since changed residences and work as a cashier. The numbers follow me every where I go. I clocked in at exactly 10:10 this morning. I returned from lunch at 3:33. I had two customers whose change was 11 dollars and 11 cents. I have at least one customer a day with exactly 111 items, as the receipt shows it at the bottom. I get several customers with exactly 11 or 19 items purchased. Our registers have clocks on them set to military time, and I often look at it at 11:11, 12:12,  22:22, 19:19 or 19:00. I've gotten in my car to leave to go home and it was exactly 11:11 pm. These things are a common occurrence for me, and since I work with numbers, it's mind-boggling how many times a day those numbers show up, just as scheduled…I was thinking about keeping a journal of the phenomenon just so I could read over it and reflect on it, and maybe see if I could figure something out. I do know that I have changed and grown spiritually since these things started occurring. I've found faith, I feel an increasing need to help others, and am soon going to quit my cashiering job in pursuit of a job that's more spiritually fulfilling. It's a strange thing.

I would like to give a testimony of my encounter with God or Jesus Christ.
I'm an engineer and very good with numbers. God knows that and he sent his son Jesus to awaken me to the spiritual way of life and to believe in him through the triple number '888'. I stopped believing in God during the Khmer Rough's reign of terror. But now I love and believe in him.

 It all began in 1988, but I didn't realize it until 1997. Here is how God gave me the signs of his presence or existence. The triple number '888' kept appearing to me until I realized that it belongs to Jesus. Each letter of Jesus' name written in Greek has a value which adds up to '888'. For example, I started working for my current employer on 8/15/88 and the start date on my monthly time sheet is printed out as "08-88". I always wondered about that triple number every month.

However, my radical spiritual awakening happened in March 1997. I could not go to sleep for seven nights and on March 15, 1997 I began to hear a lot of voices in my head. For example, while I was driving my van, the voice told me to turn on the radio, which I did. The station that came on the air was a Christian station and the speaker appealed to the public to open their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ. That really caught my attention but I didn't pursue it much further.

My second encounter with the triple number  "888" was more interesting. I was unsuccessfully trying to fix a computer program. I tried everything I knew, but to no avail. Then a voice in my head told me to pray on it. I placed both of my hands on the monitor, closed my eyes and prayed to God. To my surprise, when I opened my eyes, the computer program, which cycles every eight (8) minutes and keeps the time of the last successful run, worked again. The time stamp on it was 8 hours, 8 minutes and 8 seconds; Hence, the triple number "888".

My last encounter with the triple number "888" was at the Asian grocery store. I wanted to return a can of fruit drink back into the cooler, but I dropped and damaged it. So I had to pay for it. When I got the change back, the total was 8 dollars and 88 cents; Again, the triple number "888". By this time, I thought, "This can't be just a coincidence". I went on the Internet and typed "888" in the Yahoo search engine. That was when I discovered that the triple number "888" is a number belonging to Jesus. Whereas the number "666" belongs to the Beast as written in the Bible. I became a Christian from 1997 to 2004.

Savoth, U.S.A.


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