Helping Out

"Synchronicity is often the means
by which our way is eased."

The Power of Flow, p. 35


One day I felt I should stop by my sister's. I had been thinking about her for a few days. When I got to her house, she was heading out the door to go to the doctor's. She was in so much pain that I told her she was not driving herself, that I was taking her. I set everything I had to do later aside and took her. When we got to the doctor's, she collapsed from the pain and had to take a couple of strong pain shots. There was no way she could have driven home. I "just happened" to be there at the right minute.

S.F, Ohio

I was a young girl of 12 years old, living with my mother and older brother in Atlanta, Georgia. We ended up there after many months of moving from one state to another when my parents divorced in the early 70s. My mother had a boy friend who deserted us there by moving back to Texas with a religious cult. 

Wanting desperately to rejoin our family in Texas, but destitute, my mother shared her desire with a man whom she'd become acquainted with in Atlanta. I don't remember how she knew him, or his name even. I think it was Dave or David. He had come by our apartment on Ponce-de-Leon Street quite a few times to check on us and had given us food on several occasions. A very kind man with a genuinely good soul, I remember his vivid blue eyes and the sharp contrast between them and his brown hair. He was very handsome and always kind.

This man barely knew us, but something led him to care for us and out of the kindness of his heart, he bought us three air tickets on Delta to Texas, and even paid for a dog kennel and fare for my little dog. I will never forget how my mother cried at his generosity. I never saw him again, but have many times wanted to thank him. I have even wondered if he were indeed human, or perhaps my guardian angel. My philosophy in life is 'everything happens for a reason,' and perhaps he was my reason my dear friend Janet pointed me to this website!

Judy R.

Helena was a lifelong friend. Her parents were my parent's best friends. Helena's sister is my best friend. Our families are as close as they can be without being blood relations.

Helena and I were unemployed at the same time. We emotionally supported one another throughout our lengthy job search. As the weeks stretched out into months and the months were becoming numerous, our anxiety grew. Helena was divorced and her financial reserves were challenged. Between the two of us, she was in the greater need of a job.

Helena had many interviews, but she was older woman in the world of advertising - a field that typically celebrates youth. She had been a finalist for a position that she felt was her "dream job". It would have also taken her out of the world of advertising, something she felt she needed to do to gain security. As luck would seemingly have it, it was offered to another applicant. This was quite a blow, Helena desperately needed a break, she had a couple of other leads, but they were both agency jobs, she wasn't hopeful.

I landed a job before her. Part of my job training required me to fly to my employer's corporate headquarters for training. Because time was of the essence and I was desperately needed in the field, my manager abbreviated my training schedule to 2 days as opposed to the normal 2 week stint. My trip was disastrous and very stressful. My manager's boss was greatly upset with my reduced training schedule and I was caught in the conflict. After several very uncomfortable meetings and set backs, it became obvious that if I didn't hurry, I might miss my flight home. I had some important business meetings the next day,I had to get home.

I arrived to the airport late. The flight was full, and my seat had been given away. I had to list stand-by. I couldn't check my bags as I didn't have assurance that I would be on a flight that night. My bags were heavy from all the training materials that I had been sent home with. I resigned myself to trekking through the sprawling Detroit airport, hauling heavy luggage in high heels. By the time I got to my gate, I was beat. I approached the gate personnel to check my flight status, and to my complete surprise, a seat had opened up and I was supplied with a boarding pass. I was ushered onto the plane and was delighted to see that I had a aisle seat - which I always preferred! There was even sufficient overhead space for my bags!! I was puzzled by the vacant seat next to me...

As I settled down and waited for take-off, a gentleman rushed onto the plane, just moments before the doors closed. He was seated next to me. I'm normally chatty on flights but this time, I was emotionally spent and not up for conversation.

The flight landed in St. Louis on time. As "luck" would have it, our gate was otherwise occupied, and we were forced to stay on the tarmac until further notice. I raised and dropped my hands in exasperation... would this trip never end!?!

The gentleman seated next to me said, "Oh this is a common occurrence, it happens every time I take this flight, and I take this flight regularly." I wondered what would take him to Detroit on a regular basis, so I asked. He told me that he worked for an advertising agency. As the conversation progressed, we discovered that he had been interviewing my friend Helena. As our conversation deepened, we discovered numerous parallels between Helena and my companion - Jeff. When we were finally at the gate, and able to deplane, Jeff turned to me as he walked off and said, "Tell Helena, she's got the job."

I immediately called Helena's sister to tell her the good news. At first she was doubtful as Helena had been told the day before that the company had forced Jeff to hire an internal candidate. Jeff later told Helena that even tough he had been asked to promote from within, he felt that destiny had played its hand with that meeting, and he didn't want to challenge destiny. Jeff had also arrived to the airport late, and his seat had been given away. He had been reassigned the seat next to me.

There's more to this story. The dream job that Helena had wanted, quickly disappeared. Within a few weeks, that employer was acquired by another company and that job was eliminated. A couple of years into her career with Jeff's advertising agency, Helena was diagnosed with cancer. She fought a 10 year battle before she finally succumbed to her disease. She was so productive and valued by her employer, they supported her through out her battle, enabling her to work from home when necessary and retaining her through numerous lay-offs.

If I hadn't lived this, I would never believed this could happen.

Lydia Thomann


About four years ago, at 8 o'clock on a cold winter morning, I was going to the bank to withdraw my last $10 from the automatic teller (in those days you could withdraw as little as $5). As I stepped into the bank, I noticed two homeless men sleeping inside. I withdrew my money, careful not to make any noise, not wanting to disturb them. As I pocketed the money, I had this strong urge to go and buy them something to eat and drink. The coffee shop across the street was still closed, but the pharmacy right next to it had just opened. In I went, feeling excited, not sure why... I finally bought some cookies, juice and cereal and went back to the bank. I very quietly laid my purchases next to them and left. As I was walking back home, I could not help smiling, taking deep breaths, I was feeling wonderful even though I now had less than $2 left in my pocket until payday four days away! 

That same day, I noticed some vans and camera crews on my street. It turns out they were filming a movie. In the afternoon, someone knocked at my door, it was a woman with the film crew asking if they could use an electrical outlet in my house to plug in a heater for one of the vans that held all the makeup so it would not become too cold during the night. I agreed without hesitation. She then told me they would be giving me $50 cash for helping them out. I closed the door and laughed with delight at this gift from heaven! The next morning, I was $50 richer in my pockets and a whole lot richer in my heart.

 Ginette, Montreal, Canada


Two days ago I received a rather popular publication,  Bottom Line Personal, in the mail. As I was opening my mailbox, I was thinking about a few good articles on health/well being I could provide to Dr. Warren, my dermatologist, who had asked me about Omega-3 supplements the last time I saw her. (Dr. Warren overcame cervical cancer one year ago, and due to the inability of medical science to provide a lot of the answers to her medical problems, she has become more open-minded regarding holistic remedies.) I looked at the front cover of my Bottom Line Personal and there was an article on how Fran Drescher had overcome uterine cancer. So yesterday, when I went in for my appointment, I provided it to her and her face lit up and she said "Wow, I was going to buy her book!"


I saw a UFO about 25 years ago. I wrote up my experience and sent it to Fate Magazine a few years ago. My story was published in the March 1997 issue. Well, a few days ago, I had a call from a woman asking about that story. She wanted to know if I'd had any subsequent experiences and told me she'd seen many UFOs. I never quite understood why she was calling and when the conversation was drawing to a close she asked me to take down her name and number so I could contact her if I had any other experiences. I'm thinking, it's not likely. That was 25 years ago after all, but I did as she asked. Today I had a call from a man I met once, three years ago, who's very interested in UFOs and actually arranges annual trips to Mt Baker in search of them. He was calling to tell me about this year's excursion. As we talked I remembered my phone call from that woman and thought it odd that he would call so soon after. I hadn't heard from him in a year or two. I told him about the other call and he asked for the woman's name and number. It made me wonder if I'd been used somehow to get the two of them in touch.


Tonight, much like many nights, I am in bed early. I decided to sleep away the depression of another failed love. In my mind, over and over again, I am searching for the answers. I never can understand why it is that a spiritual, unconditionally loving person can be at 31 yrs of age and repeating the same emotional pains over and over again. I simply see no way out but to want to die. As my conscious takes me in and out of sleep I become more aware of the pain. I pray, as I often do, that I would get some great illness and that it would all be over soon. The only theme that reoccurs in my mind is the fact that, in none of those painfully trying times did I receive a sign, an answer, some synchronistic event that would keep me in line and give me just that little flicker of hope I so longed to find. The phone rings. I awake and answer. A soothing voice on the other end says to me, "How are you doing?" "You don't know who this is, do you?" Much to my surprise it was a very dear old friend calling me to check on me, insistent that she knew something was wrong. Last time I had heard from her was under the same exact circumstances, the difference is...this time she was in pain.

Having just undergone major surgery and deep within her own agony, laid up in bed, unable to sleep, she tells me of how she just couldn't help but think about me for the past two weeks. She remarked, had the pain subsided and if she had her wits about herself, she would have called me sooner, but tonight, she finally stopped crying and forcing her food down in the middle of her dinner which the doctors are making her eat, simply to check on me. Her next questions, "Is it love problems?"

The coincidence in this situation is something I am sitting here tonight trying to understand. You see, I've been journaling for years. Last eve, the pain was so great I decided to read the losses, read the years of my life to try to find why it is that the pattern seems to repeat itself. In the journal I read of the end of a very significant relationship which lasted three years and took place about four years ago. In the journal entries pertaining to that relationship, I had documented the books I read, the thoughts I had, and all the things I tried to cure the pain. Of all those crutches...she was the one who helped me through it. And since that day she and I have always had a connection, we just haven't talked. An occasional Christmas card and a message through a friend-of-a-friend to say hi, but never do we speak.

Next step, I still have not made sense of it all. I am online writing this story to you now because I logged on to search for two things, "God" and "Coincidence". While online, my EX from that very relationship from long ago initiated a chat. I started, "Guess who I just got a call from?" The next thing I know...He was telling me, the things I always wanted to hear years ago for why our relationship had failed. Among those things...he reminded me of who I am and especially who I am not, which seems to be my way of coping by becoming self destructive.
I told my EX what Debra had said and we laughed as I explained...

She proclaimed in a Southern style voice, with a touch of quietness from her pain, "Baby, you just sit right down an crochet yourself a blanket, cause creativity is where it's at. You've got to be using your hands and stop using your mind to let these relationships beat you up. Relationships are like Public Transportation, when one bus passes another one is coming down the line."

While it's true my grandmother did teach me when I was a young boy how to crochet, I can not see me doing that but...I used to be a sculptor, was getting pretty good and even sold some things in a local store. Even got featured in a few news articles. I knew what my old buddy was telling me, and so tonight I'm making plans for sculpting, trying to figure out the synchronistic coincidences here, and sharing my story with strangers. Perhaps my friend just saved my life. Peace. Love, and Happiness to you all!

H.W., Indianapolis, IN,


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