Getting What We Need

"Flow is at work when things fall into place, obstacles
melt away, our timing is perfect, and whatever is necessary --
money, work people, opportunities -- appears as needed."

The Power of Flow, p. 35

All my life I wanted to have a daughter.
I didn't marry until I was 43 and then had a series of miscarriages before the doctor told me it would be almost impossible for me to have a child. I did not want to adopt because I was adopted and I really wanted to be 'blood' related to someone. About a week after my last miscarriage, I was away at a conference and sat next to a man I knew only in passing. He told me about his upcoming trip to receive his second daughter from China. All of a sudden it was as if my heart opened up and I knew this was what I was meant to do. At that moment I made the decision to adopt a daughter from China. The date was December 20, 1999.

We started the paperwork and the long waiting process to adopt from China. As the days, weeks, months, and then years went by, it looked like my dream would never come true. We suffered through many trials including job loss, two major accidents, and then a bankruptcy. It looked like our attempt to adopt would be impossible. I was stressed beyond belief and didn't know what to do. I prayed almost hourly for God to show me the answer, but it never came. I finally couldn't take it any longer. I was in the car driving home and I started crying and screamed at God: "If you don't show me a sign right now, I'm going home and calling the adoption agency and canceling the adoption." Before the last word was out of my mouth, my cell phone rang and it was the adoption agency with the news that we had been matched with a little girl. The date was December 20. 2001.

When we received the paperwork the next day with her picture and biographical information, they estimated that she had been born on September 20, 2000. Exactly nine months to the day I made the decision to adopt in 1999. It was as if God had listened and she had been instantly conceived just for me! She is now 11, and I couldn't be closer to her if she had been my biological child.

 Lyn, U.S.A.

I am by nature a skeptic but I can usually recognize a fact when it hits me between the eyes three times.   During my early recovery from alcoholism two of my mentors suggested that it was time for me to address issues associated with the "adult child" syndrome. Though these mentors did not know each other and had different approaches in helping me, they mentioned this within a few days of each other. I was surprised by what I thought was a coincidence but rejected the suggestion as inapplicable to my problems. I told them that it was my drinking - not my father's - that I had to deal with.

  A few days later I had an unexpected idle hour between business meetings. On impulse, I dropped by an AA Inter-group office to get a new meeting schedule. There I had coffee with a fellow I'd never met before and we began comparing notes on the progress of our recovery. He told me he had recently been blocked in his program when he bumped into a booklet that exposed his problem and led him to the breakthrough he needed to continue healing. He then pulled a copy of the book from a nearby rack and put it on the table in front of me. It was titled "Adult Children of Alcoholics". Startled by yet another coincidence but still dubious, I said "All right, I give up", and purchased the book. That was a Friday. By Sunday night I had read it three times and felt like I was emerging from a cocoon where I had been locked up with festering resentments and denial. When I discussed this with each of my mentors I got the same response: a knowing smile and the observation that "When the student is ready, the Teacher appears".

That happened 27 years ago and is only one of many similar experiences that, by the Grace of God, keeps me sober today. The simple result of continuing recovery is that I am no longer troubled by a craving for alcohol. That has enabled a much more profound result: a meager but growing capacity to recognize, appreciate - and cooperate with - the loving guidance that directs this mortal experience. I now smile when I see that phrase, "Random acts of Kindness". There's nothing random about it. As Albert Einstein said, God does not play dice with the universe.

Kirk Bready, U.S.


My wife's graduation was in six weeks
and I needed a suit. My work doesn't require dress clothing and like most couples in grad school, money was tight. I was driving into town to run some errands and decided to grab some lunch. I play with my intuition and ask where I should eat. I get the name a restaurant, but it's more money then I should be spending on lunch. The intuition is so strong I go anyway, enjoying lunch but wondering why I was there. As I leave the restaurant, returning to my truck, I notice a clothing store. I liked the suits on display so decided to go in and check it out. The salesman, after showing several suits, mentions the store is having a sale the next day. It was an unadvertised sale for regular customers, beginning at six in the morning and lasting for two hours. I had paid an extra five dollars for lunch and saved several hundred on a suit.

I do the grocery shopping for the family. We have two boys, two years apart in age. My older son was very active and a runner. I was having trouble keeping him under control, handling an infant and controlling a very loaded cart in a large and very busy parking lot. I realized that for my sons safety I needed to park next to the entrance, so I could avoid the traffic. I asked for some help. For the next two times there was always an empty parking space available next to the entrance for our weekly shopping. It made no difference how busy or crowded it was always there.


A few years ago, I had saved up all my money
to move to San Francisco from Texas, because I felt like I had to be there, even though I had no family or friends there, nor job lined up. The day after I arrived, my purse was stolen with my keys, phone, and wallet inside. In my wallet was a $100 bill that my dad had given me in case of an emergency...oh the irony. Two months later, after I had found a job and was finally getting on my feet financially, I was out walking and a man stopped me to ask me for directions. I tried to help him, but really couldn't as I was pretty new there myself, and suggested that he take a taxi because the driver would most likely know. Then out of nowhere, he said, 'Here, take this, thanks for helping me.' and handed me a $100 bill. I tried to refuse it, but he insisted. I asked him his name and he said it was Daniel and then he walked away. What's even stranger is that when I was a kid, a priest told me that I have a guardian angel named Daniel, so that name has always been pretty important to me... Oh yeah, and about moving to San Francisco because I felt like I had to be there, I was right- 4 months after moving there I met my husband!           

Nancy, San Francisco, USA

At work this I work on my cars and vehicles,
never paid a shop for over 20 years. During the course of these works, I sometimes become frustrated, irritable. When all else fails, I look up and talk aloud to God, and very soon thereafter I somehow get the insight to complete a repair, it is usually a very simple task that I had been making more difficult than it needed be. One day a few summers ago, knowing "God" is my friend, I looked up in my garage/shop and talked to "him". It was a joke I had conjured up and I figured that since God and I are friends, and since friends tell each other jokes, that I would tell God a joke. After telling it, I smiled and chuckled a little, then invited God to someday tell me a joke back. That same night, I woke about 3 a.m., laughing out loud the hardest I have ever laughed in my life.

Chris E., Georgetown, Texas

I was living in San Diego with my husband and had been out of the Navy for seven months in October of 1999. I was doing a job that was the equivalent of the job I did in the Navy only I wasn't making very much money. San Diego is a very expensive place to live. I decided to join up with the Navy again for a few years. I had very mixed feelings about this decision, because I had never been to sea in my first five years in the Navy and was concerned about how it would affect my life. I was hoping to be given shore orders again and had my fingers crossed.

I was awaiting orders at the Temporary Processing Unit in San Diego. I was told that there were only shore billets available, but they wanted to wait for sea orders to come up so that I could go to sea. I was very nervous but was trying to remain optimistic in spite of my fears. I pulled out my box of uniforms that I had thought never to wear again. I dumped the box out onto the floor and in the bottom of the box I found a folded-up fortune from a fortune cookie. The fortune said "You will travel to many places." I thought it was just a coincidence and decided to ignore it. I was still hoping to be stationed on land. Two days later I was looking for a matching pair of socks in a big sock pile on the closet shelf. At the bottom of the pile I saw another folded up fortune. I was almost afraid to read it. My heart was thundering when I opened it. It said "You will soon be crossing the great waters."

At this point I knew I would be going to sea. That night I had a dream that I was going on a long journey by myself. In the dream I felt sad to be leaving, but confident that I could depend on myself. A few days later I was assigned to a Destroyer. Almost exactly one year from the night of my dream, I left on a six-month deployment.

All of the signs that had told me I was going to sea helped me to see that it was a path I needed to take. I learned a lot about myself and about the world in those three years on a Navy ship, things I could not have learned otherwise. Now I take my fortune cookies seriously!          

Pam, San Diego, California

It was a period of my life when I was feeling very despondent
and that there was no hope. As I was driving home from work, several minutes from the house, I prayed and asked God to tell me He loved me specifically! Those were my exact words. I did not want a half miracle or something that I could misconstrue. I wanted to know for sure He loved me. I got home, sat on my couch (which faced the front door), lit a cigarette when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs to the door. It was the next door neighbor's boy about 7 years old. I waved him in reluctantly upon which he came in and said loudly "Jesus loves you!" He handed me a tract with a picture of a rose and the words "God loves you" on the front. He turned around without saying anything else and left. I wonder if this happens to people of other faiths such as Muslims or does this mean that Christianity is the one true religion. I would appreciate any feedback on this matter from anyone.

I left northern California for a year abroad in 1965
and have been living and teaching here in France since then. I returned, however, to my hometown in the SF bay area on a sabbatical leave from 1996 to 2002. Wishing to pursue my interest in writing, I registered into two advanced journalism classes at the local State University, one of which was centered on Ecology. My personal project concerned a small creek in the area and the class was asked to turn in a specific report - an interview, a description of our target, the ecological interest in our subject etc.

About two months before the final completed file was due, I decided to contact the one person responsible to Fish and Game for all of the statistical follow-up on water quality, pollution, salmon introduction and protection, plant control etc.for the creek in question. His office was about 70 miles away and try as I might at leaving messages on his answering machine, I never seemed to get through to him. Two guests from the Department of Agriculture in Sacramento came to speak with the class and I mentioned my frustration. Alas, the women discouraged me and went so far as to suggest I change my last entry, explaining that the gentleman in question was never in his office, but always out in the field or in Sacramento and that I had virtually no chance of getting in touch with him.

I was substitute teaching at the time and found myself offered a job in a district I had never taught in before, just one week before the due date for the project, that is to say, the preceding Thursday. Entering the staff room at noon, a woman came running toward me shouting "Barbara !" It was my best friend in 6th grade, someone whom I hadn't seen for some 45 years. She swore that she had recognized me immediately when I walked into the room, but it was only when she told me her name that I was able to place her. The incident would have little material importance if it hadn't been that very year that something strange took place in our family. My mother had threatened to call the family doctor when she found my father sitting motionless on the side of the bad. He hesitated for some time before admitting to her that he had dreamt that my brother-in-law had had an accident where he was working temporarily about 150 miles from home and had handed him his nine day old grandson, asking him to watch over the baby because my brother-in-law only had three days to live. Father said he knew the hospital was going to phone and they did. The accident had taken place at the very time my father had awakened and looked at his watch, that is to say at 1:45 a.m and, just as predicted, my brother-in-law passed away three days later. This incident had had no other echoes until my return to CA after my long absence in France. Many strange coincidences started happening concerning the house in question, but they were only a part of numerous other events.

To go on with my story, the Monday following my encounter with my former best friend, I found myself appointed to another school in that same district. As I left the house I called out to my room-mate, "I absolutely must get a hold of W...C... today. I have only three days left to finish typing my file !" Because of the number of uncanny coincidences happening non-stop at that time, I sometimes felt the need for some form of "outside" testimony. Such was the case that day, when I "heard myself" say to the receptionist "I wonder whom I'm going to meet today?" Given the strange look on her face and the fact that she didn't know me as a teacher, I decided I had better explain what had happened the previous Thursday and added, "But somehow I am absolutely sure that I am also going to meet someone here today. I'll tell you who it was after school at 3:30."

Noon I found me with 25 minutes to eat my lunch and, walking past the phone booth and into the staff-room, torn between thinking I should probably try to call immediately and wanting to eat first. I walked past a big oval table where several teachers were seated discussing and eating in turn and moved to the far end of the room. Glancing over the books on the bookshelves, I discovered that many were written by local writers, but, despite my curiosity, put the books back on the shelf and made my way to a small sofa near the oval table where two women were seated against the wall about five yards from me. As I stared at the women, I heard myself saying, "You must go and call Mr C... before the bell rings, but chew your sandwich slowly, because if you leave the room, you'll never know who you were supposed to meet here today. At that very moment, I heard the woman on the right in front of me pronounce the words, "...Fish and Game" and the woman on the left answer, "...husband". The women were speaking so quietly that those were the only words that came to me." I looked up and asked the woman on the left her name. Ms C...," she answered. "Ms W...C...?" I asked. "That's right," she said. "Your husband works for Fish and Game?" I asked, not even sure if I realized what I was saying. "Yes, that's right," she answered. I think I muttered something like, "Oh, OK," ask I got up to explain my plight and asked her if I could give her my phone number. Her husband called me that evening. I finished my report on time and perhaps you will understand why, today, I have found a local Jungian analyst and former teacher on whose "sofa" I continue to discover that it is perhaps not so much answers we are brought to seek, as the art of observing along the way.

Barbara Becquiot, Burgundy, France

My husband and I were preparing for our wedding on November 18th of 2000.
It was September and the invitations were go out that week. My husband had just lost his job and had called my father that week to explain the situation and to alleviate any concerns my father might have about him not being employed. He assured him that he would be employed by our wedding date in November. My father called my fiancée a few days later and stated he was not okay with the situation at all. My fiancée hung up the phone and immediately called me to tell me about their conversation. I began to get very anxious as he was talking, but then he got another call and put me on hold. It was none other than the human resources department of a company he had applied for over one year ago offering him a very coveted position! He was hired within one week. We both thought it was divine providence that the call would come in at that precise moment in time, since he had not heard anything in over a year. We were married as planned and everyone lived to tell this story.

Cathie Pettaway, Virginia Beach, VA

My wife and I vacationed in the Four Corners area
a while back. While there we went to Mesa Verde National Park. I was standing there listening to the park ranger talk about the Anasazi Indians. He mentioned no one knew where they had come from, where they went, or anything much about them at all. He also mentioned they had no written language. I'm standing at the back of the crowd thinking to myself -- if they had no written language, how do we know they were called the Anasazi? At that time a thought began whirling around in my head -- "Listen to the Indian, the Indian will tell you what you want to know."  This lasted maybe five minutes and quit. This was on a Monday, so for the rest of the week I was watching for an Indian to come up to me and explain. No such luck. On Thursday we decided to drive over to Las Vegas.

We arrived late in the afternoon, checked into the MGM Grand and then went down to the casino. We were both very tired so we didn't stay long before going back to our rooms. I then turned on the TV and was flipping channels when I came across the Discovery channel which was just about to start a special on the Anasazi. The very first speaker on this show was an old Navajo gentleman who stated right from the start that Anasazi was an Navajo word which meant "ancient enemy" Here was my Indian telling me what I wanted to know. 


In 2004, a friend invited me on an evening cruise. The cruise was the next day. I had a dress but didn't have shoes or a pocketbook. The morning of the cruise I was confident that God would meet my needs. I went to a few shoes stores and didn't find anything that matched my dress. I called a friend and told her about the cruise and that I needed to find a pair of gold shoes. She asked my size and told me that she had a pair of gold shoes she wore once in a wedding the year before. She had the shoes in the car about to take them to the Salvation Army. I went over to her house and the shoes matched the dress and fit perfectly. We decided to go to a store not far from her house to see if they had a pocketbook. The store didn't have a pocketbook. My friend then said we should go to a store in a plaza not far from there and they might have one. We went into a beauty supply store and the clerk saw the shoes in the bag and commented that they were nice. I thanked her for the compliment and told her that we were looking for a pocketbook to match, she suggested the same store in the same plaza my friend just said. My friend and I got really excited!  We went to the plaza and as we were walking through to the store, my friend saw some pocketbooks on the wall in a store I was in earlier that day. I told her they didn't have anything and let's just go to the store she suggested earlier. She still wanted to go into the store we were passing, so in we went. There was nothing on the wall that matched, yet as we turned to leave the store, right on a table near the wall, was a pocketbook the EXACT color and material as the shoes!!!! We passed the table on our way to the wall and neither one of us saw it! I immediately gave thanks to God and purchased the pocketbook!!! After that we went to the store we were originally in the plaza to go to, just to see what they had, and they didn't have anything that matched.

I walked from my house to a bar to meet some friends
to watch a World Cup soccer game. It was sunny out and I was wearing an old San Diego Padres baseball cap because we planned on sitting outside on the patio. I remember taking the hat off and setting it on the seat beside me because we decided to sit inside instead. After the game, I was walking home and as I got to my street I remembered that I had left the hat at the bar. I mentioned to my boyfriend who was with me that we should go back in the morning to see if it was still there. It was a long walk and I didn't want to go all the way back just then. In the morning, we went back to the bar but the people setting up for the day didn't speak English well and didn't understand what a "lost and found" was. I did a quick search of the booth where we sat but the hat wasn't there. I felt pretty bummed out because it was an old hat that I loved. A month later, I came home from work and the exact same hat was sitting on one of the kitchen bar stools at my house, as if somebody had placed it there for me. I asked each of my roommates if they knew how it got there but no one knew what I was talking about. I am still at a loss for how this happened. I distinctly remember walking home that day and not having my hat with me! Synchronicity.


About fifteen years ago, I had driven from my home
in a rural area twenty miles outside of Bangor, Maine into Bangor to do some errands. My truck was an old one and not in great shape, but I was still shocked when, with no warning whatsoever, it just went dead in the middle of an obscure side street outside a bakery into whose parking lot I was about to turn. I got out of the truck and stood there with no clue what to do next. A moment or so later, a woman from my town drove past me on her way to the bakery. She not only helped me push the truck into the parking lot, she also gave me a ride home--AFTER she went into the bakery to buy the specially-ordered bread that she had come there to buy. A few years after the previous incident, I was driving to my part-time job as a receptionist at a YMCA in the same area. Traffic was crazy, and although I was in a hurry, I stopped to let a middle-aged woman cross the street in a non-crosswalk section. She waved her thanks. That evening, on my way home from work, I stopped at a store to pick up a few items, but was--embarrassingly--about forty cents short. A voice behind me said, "Don't worry. I have forty cents." It was the woman from the street. She smiled and said, "You let me cross this morning. I recognize your beret."

Greta S, Brownville, Maine 

At work this morning I was faced with the question,
Could I survive if I lost my job? Today I was asked to do something that was morally reprehensible to me, and if I didn't sign a document, I needed to resign. I sat down at the computer saying to myself,   I do believe in abundance, I can step out and trust that the universe will be there. And voila, a note from a friend of a friend asking for people to come fill a temporary position at more than my current rate of pay.


I was on the bus two days ago and thinking about the novel The Catcher in the Rye, and how I had enjoyed reading it years ago and would like to see if I still had a copy lying around. When I arrived at my house, I found that my mother had left a copy of The Catcher in the Rye on my desk that she had borrowed five years ago on a holiday.

Iain, U.K.

It was a beautiful spring morning, cool and crisp, and both my friend and I were really looking forward to our noontime run.  We arrived at the health club and went to the ladies locker room to change into our running clothes.  I opened my gym bag and realized one of my running shoes was missing.  I was in a rush that morning and somehow didn't put that shoe in.  My friend suggested that we check the lost-and-found box that is kept in the office.  I agreed to go and look but knew that the odds were practically impossible.  We both entered the office and looked into the box and there was nothing in there except for one ladies running shoe.  We couldn't believe it!  I picked it up and not only was it the one I needed for that foot (the right one) but it was my size too.  I put the shoe on, it fit perfectly, we went for a lovely run and then I returned the shoe to the box when I returned.  That evening when I went home from work I saw that my missing running shoe was on the floor.  It must have fell out of my gym bag during my morning rush to work.

Micki, Tulsa, Oklahoma

A brothel is being built on the corner of our street
and I have been helping the people in the neighbouring house challenge the consent to build it. We became aware that another brothel had been successfully shut down by a woman in another street in our suburb. I was keen to talk to her as she seemed to know how to go about dealing with the City Council. Last weekend we were invited to dinner at a friend's house with some other people. I started talking to the woman on my left at the dinner table and she turned out to be the very woman who had stopped the brothel in her street. Needless to say, we are acting on her advice and I am certain we will win!!!  

Marsden Griffiths, Auckland, New Zealand

I was sitting on the front porch with my daughter
. We were having a discussion about spirituality and synchronicities and I interrupted what I was saying to point out a beautiful bird. We could see it sitting on a sign nearby. I explained to her that I had just seen it fly and it was only remarkable when its wings were open. The bird promptly flew down to the walkway in front of us, about 7-10 feet away, and opened its wings. It walked around for three or four minutes opening and shutting its wings and allowing us to see them from all angles. All I could think to say was thanks. 


The brakes failed on my old car
and I drove immediately into a garage. The mechanic said that it would not be reasonable to fix it and that I would have to sign a release if I wanted to take it off of the lot. He suggested that I donate the car to a charity and have them pick it up. As it is with our lives, nowadays, I had a million things going on. I was in the process of moving and needed a vehicle, so I rented a sporty little five seater. I knew that I needed to replace the car but I had a strict budget and no way to get additional financing. I also have four daughters and it was important to me that they like anything that I bought and that all of us and our stuff fit comfortably into any new car. The difficulty arose because there was no way that I could coordinate all five schedules to go out and test drive cars. I was renting a vehicle, which is expensive, so time was of the essence. The rental was working out well. It sat all of us, $700.00 worth of initial household supplies and was quite sporty looking. A week passed and the rental was about to run out so I called the car rental place to see if I could have the car for another week. He said that that wasn't possible because he had just sold the car for a ridiculously low price. I said, "Do you have anymore cars, like this one, for that price?" He did. I bought it.

Wendy, Canada

I have always wanted to be a writer,
but I have put that on the back burner because of being a wife and raising children.  A few months ago I was asking the question in my heart...Should I pursue this dream I have of being a writer? Well,  I was working at a motel, an economy chain motel, and when I got to work I was in for a shock.  I was told a very famous author I had admired for years had checked into a room. I won't give his name for privacy sake. He was just using the room during the day to finish up his book, some things were going on at his house, so he needed someplace quiet. I never saw this author, but I used the address he registered with and wrote him a letter.  When his next book came out, one of the characters had my first name. I think this was a way of telling me to go for it.  Then I stumbled across your website out of the blue, ordered and read your book. That was two weeks ago and I am going through it a third time. Last weekend I told my husband I wanted to read another book on synchronicity because I am really excited about this. I told him I would just pick a book out of the bibliography. In the meantime, we were watching "One Hour Photo", the new movie with Robin Williams. At one point he is reading a book by Deepok Chopra, and in the film he mentions it has to do with meaningful coincidences, so I think that will be the next book I read!

Donna,  Florida

In 1996, my husband, son and I lived in the grounds of my husband’s work place.
We had a beautiful collie-cross dog who was 2 years old. Unfortunately he was quite vicious and would bite my son at different times. We had been to the RSPCA and an animal welfare place that was down the road to us, but they all said a) they couldn't take him and b) there was nothing to do but have him put to sleep, as he was a danger to anybody else who might take him on, so I had him put to sleep and I cried all night (this happened on a Monday). Having decided that I would get another dog, as I didn't want my son to be frightened of dogs I went to the library and took out books on different breeds to try and find one that would suit us with a child. I came across two breeds that I thought would be good for us, a King Charles spaniel, and a West Highland terrier. On the Wednesday of that same week, we had a local free rag delivered to us. (This is something that normally didn't happen as we lived on premises that belonged to a place of employment.) I was looking through the paper and came across an advert for a King Charles spaniel, I rang up the people concerned but they only had a boy left and I wanted a bitch. Then I saw an advert for a Westie, but about 60 miles from where we lived. Anyway I rang up and spoke to the breeder who asked me if I wanted a show dog or just a pet. I said a pet and explained why. She then told me that her own Westie had had 3 pups, but due to a condition the 2 bitches had been born with their tales dropping off, the boy dog had taken all the oxygen and he was also bigger. On the Sunday we went to visit the pups, and we fell in love with the smallest of the bitches, who would just lay in the palm of my hand. Six weeks later we picked her up. We call her Tilly, and she is the most affectionate dog out, and loves my son, so much so that recently we had workmen in and they went upstairs she went absolutely mad because she thought "her Simon" was up there. Before I read this web page I thought it was just a coincidence, now I think it was something else. I would also just like to add that we never received another free local rag through the door, after that day.

JAC, United Kingdom

On a Saturday, in January, 1994, I was talking to a friend
who was having trouble writing a paper. I was telling her about how to use Mind Mapping to describe down her ideas for the paper. I tried to remember the author who wrote about this subject, but could not. I remember thinking to myself, "I wish I could talk to the teacher who told me about Mind Mapping so I ask her the author's name." The next day I was going to a friend's house for breakfast, and had to stop at the grocery store to pick up several things. This was one of a number of grocery stores I could have gone to that morning. It was pretty much empty as I walked around at 8:30 on Sunday morning. I thought I would like to look at the magazine rack for a moment, and I walked over to that isle. To my surprise, there at the magazine rack was the teacher who had told me about Mind Mapping. I greeted her, asked who the author was I had wanted to know about, said goodbye, purchased my items, and left the store.

Tom Klopfstein, San Diego,

I woke up one morning and had that sudden desire
to get a copy of the Serenity Prayer. The first book that I came across that day was the the book Don't Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson. I opened a page and guess what, I found the Serenity Prayer. I made copies of it and tried to commit it to memory.


Synchronicity must have a product by its nature.
Once, I lost my money at a bus station, in a new city, to me, and the next day practically a girl from a very small town, me, walks into a very sophisticated women's store in a large large city, and is hired immediately, in my line of work, because someone had given their notice unexpectedly, thirty minutes earlier. That, certainly, was a big synchronic event. Another, smaller, was a time when, tired, I could not decide whether or not to see a Fellini movie that was in its last day, whether to get my child from the day care after work, or to see the movie alone. A song kept running through my mind all afternoon, as I worked. I hummed it, tried to sing it, but couldn't remember the words. Dashing at the last moment, I ran to the sitter's, picked up the two year old, and went to the movies. It was "Clowns" by Felleni. In the movie, at its highlight, at its most dramatic point, a single clown, standing on the top of the bleachers, played "la Mer", the song I had heard all afternoon. My son, on whose face I had painted a clown's "face" when he was only weeks old, sat watching, intrigued, popcorn poised mid-air in his little hand, for minutes and minutes. One clown to another.....perhaps I was playing to him in my sadness....."Someday how happy we'll be........"


Before I entered college, I was living in a women's homeless shelter i
n a dirty, scary part of downtown San Diego. One day, I was driving past Sea World, and I thought to myself, "I wish I could go to Sea World." Then, it occurred to me, "Why not? Why does my summer have to look so dreary? Yeah, I want to go to Sea World!" For some reason, I believed it was possible, then I soon forgot about it. Three days later, I was eating breakfast alone at Denny's and four men invited me to join them. They were from New York and on vacation. They asked me, out of the blue, "Do you want to come to Sea World with us?" My jaw hit the floor. I told them I was homeless and had no money, but they offered to pay. I had a great time! I saw Shamoo and fed the dolphins. I never mentioned anything about my "prayer," but later that day, they jokingly said to me, "It's a sign from God." Before this happened, I was heavily involved in meditation but agnostic nonetheless. Now, I'm not sure what I believe, but synchronicity is the one thing I am absolutely sure of!

Lisa Woods, Berkeley, California

One evening I was sitting at home and remembered
that I had scheduled my car for a check up at the dealership the next morning. The dealer was about three miles from where I worked. I had been very busy that day and had forgotten to ask someone to meet me at the dealer to give me a ride in to work. It was about 9pm and I thought it was a bit late to start calling people and I felt irritated that I'd forgotten to take care of this. Then an idea popped into my mind to step out on faith, to let God, the Universe, whatever show up instead of trying to fix it myself. I would say I was inspired to take this course of action - I didn't think it up, it "came" to me. I thought about this and decided the worst that could happen is that I’d have to walk three miles to work. So I decided to go for it. The next day I had checked in my car and was about to begin to walk to work when I heard someone call out my name. I turned and it was a woman who worked down the hall from. She was just dropping her car off and her husband was waiting outside to give her a ride - "Would I like to join them?" So there was my ride.

Donna S., Chicago


I was at a flea market and saw a blue bowl for only $4.
I wanted it because I love the color blue of the bowl. Several times I returned to the bowl and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t buying it, because I kept telling my friends that this was my favorite color of blue and I felt I wanted something new in that color. Later in the day, I was reading a magazine article about synchronicity when my neighbors came by. I had recently taken care of their house and pets while they were on vacation. They gave me a token of appreciation -- a blue suncatcher -- the exact color blue of the bowl!

 R.W., Pennsylvania

Many years ago I had an immediate need
for a chest of drawers at a time when I couldn't afford a new one. Without a car to track down ads, I traveled by bus and on foot to used furniture stores every day after work without success. It was tiresome and frustrating. I reached a point of downright disgust and while walking home from the grocery store one day I began talking to myself, silently of course, and commanded the "inner me" to get busy on this project and to find the needed item because the "outer me" was sick and tired of not getting satisfactory results. Would you believe that within an hour I had a chest of drawers? Upon arriving home, while getting my door key out, I overhead a conversation going on between a man and a woman a short distance away outside. He was telling her about some furniture for sale in an apartment close by. I approached them with an inquiry about this information, which resulted in my buying a chest on the spot at a very reasonable price.

 Lila Condax, Sacramento, California

Last Memorial Day weekend, my son Matt was playing in a Pony Baseball tournament
about 200 miles from home. His play was "awesome" as he pitched ten shutout innings and batted over 500. Of the four homeruns hit out of the park by all seven teams, Matt hit two of them! I need to tell you a little about Matt. He looks much older than his age (14 at the time). On Saturday night, the manager of the opposing team, who had been watching Matt play against other teams since Friday evening, talked the umpire into asking my wife for some indentification for Matt. We were stunned as we didn't have any and were so far from home. We had submitted a copy of his birth certificate when we enrolled him in the tournament as was required. The umpire wanted to see an I.D. with a photo on it. When our manager found out about the situation he became livid with anger. Many of the parents of Matt's teammates also began shouting and "getting riled up." Everyone was crowding around the official's booth and I was really afraid something would get out of hand. I was trying to calm people down by yelling,"There is no problem here. Matt is my son. Everybody calm down." Here comes the synchronicity. One on Matt's teammates came up to me and asked, "Didn't Matt go to Juan Crespi Junior High School last year?" I replied, "Yes" and he said "I have a yearbook in my car and I'll go get it and show them Matt's picture!" This he did, as I looked on in gratitude and awe. Later I had to ask the young man why he had last year's yearbook in his car, 200 miles from home. He replied with a shrug, "My cousin lives close by and I wanted to show him a picture of a girl."

Randy Grandin, San Pablo, California


I was bored and decided to go to Bookpeople
(my favorite bookstore). It was crowded that day and I was wondering what was going on. I asked some people who were standing in a long line why they were there. A woman said they were waiting to have their books autographed by James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy. I had never heard of it but felt guided to go find it. I went and picked up a book, then went and stood in the long line. As I neared Mr. Redfield, someone told me I had the workbook, not the book. I left the line and found the correct book; by the time I found it the line was gone but Mr. Redfield was still there. I walked right up to him, plopped the book down, smiled and said,"I don't know who you are or what this book is about, but please sign it" He laughed and said with this strange look on his face, "You are going to have fun with this. I'm at the Whole Life Expo this weekend. Why don't you come check out my lecture?" Well, I had never heard of the Whole Life Expo either and put it out of my mind. I read the book that night and couldn't put it down. The next day I took my son to the Children's Museum and on the way home felt drawn to turn down a street I would not normally take to get home. I passed the auditorium where the Whole Life Expo was. I decided to stop and check it out. My son and I walked up to the door and were met by a man walking out. He was smiling and looking friendly but I was a little nervous about being approached by a stranger. He said, "Are you going in?" I told him I didn't know there was a charge. He said, "That is why I am here to give you these." He handed me two tickets to the Expo. Once inside I ran into an old friend I hadn't seen in over five years. I stayed for hours and felt in heaven. When we decided to leave, my son and I were approached by two woman who asked if we were going to see the Tibetan Monks perform. I told her the tickets were too expensive for me ($17-20 each). She handed me two tickets, and my son and I enjoyed the performance. Several days later I took my son to his counseling appointment and on the wall hung a Celestine Prophecy Calendar. Wow, when synchronicity hits, it hits in a big way. I have since noticed synchronicity everywhere.

 A.A., Austin, Texas

I had taken your book (Power of Flow)
off the shelf to read a quote I like from Nelson Mandela,"...our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure ..." and decided to begin writing about great experiences, gratitude and appreciation when the following story surfaced.

 I had an audition (actor) earlier in the week . . . I was sitting and watching a movie, a matinee', when my pager went off and I had to step out and call my agent . . . lo and behold I had a "callback" for this big Toyota campaign I had auditioned for a few days earlier. Now, "The 5th Element" (the movie I was watching) is fun and energizing and uplifting too and I was able to finish watching it before going to my callback . . . and I was VERY energized by this film . . . humored, inspired, etc. . . . when I arrived at my "call-time" it was mostly havoc and disorganized . . . there were probably 150 people scattered around waiting to go in and see the Director and Producers and Product Clients as well. I was centered and calm on the outside but buzzing with and radiating energy as big as the building I was in . . . when I  went in (with several other actors at the same time) and delivered my "line", the room broke into laughter as if I was the funniest guy that ever lived, and I mean it wasn't really that funny a line . . . they asked me to say it again, and again out of control laughter . . . I CAN deliver  a line, I'm pretty confident in that department, but I'm completely convinced it was my ENERGY I was giving off that secured my booking that gig . . .after leaving the room ALL the other actors who were in the room together said "you DEFINITELY booked this one !" . . . I was IN FLOW, no doubt about it . . . a good lesson for me; what I'm radiating has an affect on what I will experience . . . 

Robert Mortimer


Synchronicity happens to me almost every single day
. I've been using the saying "I've always been able to pull a rabbit out of my hat" forever. Well, I have been seeking players for my Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath Tribute Band for quite some time and just before last New Year’s, I ran into an old bandmate of mine, a drummer, who was working at the local Wal-Mart store. We'd played together back in the late 80's. His name?  Mark "Bugs" (as in Bunny!)

Randy Fricke
LaCrosse, Wisconsin


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