Dreams, like synchronicity, respond to attention:
If you want them, they will come.

The Power of Flow, p. 137

My mother was dying in the hospital, and nobody knew why exactly. I dreamed of a little girl in South Africa dressed in a white nylon sheath dress with ugly red/brown flowers. In the dream were 47 people who spoke Afrikkaner; the little girl only spoke English, and they beat her up badly. In the hospital, my mother tells me she's allergic to Novocain and had to have a root canal. I go back to her house and line up all the medications. I open each jar. Eighteen bottles later, I come to one with red-and-brown capsules. I call the pharmacy for the prescribing circular. They won't fax it. I go to the doctor, get a note, go to the pharmacy, and get the prescribing information. Not only is it Liocaine-based and thus antagonistic to my mother's system, but it was N-tested on 47 people, and it was made in South Africa. I checked my mother out of the hospital, put her on an herbal detox regimen and she was fine in a week, but the drug blinded her. Try to take that into the New Jersey court of law!

Gwynne Spencer, Albuquerque, N.M.


In December of 1994 I dreamed that my husband died a violent death. I called his sister, for I was so upset over the dream. Well, he did die. He was found dead about 60 miles from home due to a drug overdose. It was a very tragic time for our family...he had been missing for three days when they called me on Christmas night to tell me they found him...

Nineteen years ago, my mother and I both dreamed the same night that I was pregnant. I only had one child then and she was nine years old at that time. Well, today I have a 18-year-old son and a 28-year-old daughter. This dream happened when I could have only been a few days pregnant and hadn't even had ANY evidence that I could be and surely was not expecting to be.

I can't tell you how many times something has been repeated to me. For example, last summer I was day dreaming about my dream home: a log house in the woods with a creek, etc. In my daydream I decided to add a gate you had to go through to enter the property. The gate would say "Evergreen" on it, for it would be a place in evergreen trees. Within 2-3 days it started happening. I was talking to a co-worker when he said, "You should see Evergreen, Colorado, it's gorgeous.Ē Then when I got home, there was an email from my cousin telling me her son was going to Evergreen College. Every time I turned around for days, Iíve seen the word "evergreen" written in a news report, or something. I had hoped it meant my dream would come true, but that was almost a year ago, and still no log house or no money to buy one  :o)

I can keep dreaming, can't I?

CP, Weatherford, Texas USA


One day at a yard sale I bought an old clock.
Iit was not working , but I wanted to use it in an art piece I was working on. I often break down old stuff and incorporate the cogs and gears into my work. All sorts of found objects and what most people would call junk. When I got home I realized that the clock was exactly like the one on the mantle of my best friendís house when we were children. I used to love to watch the little balls spinning back and forth. And to this day I have a fascination with old clocks.

My childhood friend had moved away to England many years ago and we wrote for a long time, and then lost touch with each other. I often wondered if she had married into the Royal family. Ha! The night I bought the clock, I had a dream about her. We as children were in her little playhouse, which we used to call the Art Club. I was drawing pictures with little tubes of lipstick and she was hanging them on the wall. There were a bunch of kids outside waiting to get in to see "my work" and she was telling them to wait, it wasn't "time" to come in yet.

The next day I was still thinking about the dream and on a whim I typed her name into a Google search. I got a couple of hits, very obscure. She has an unusual last name, and I figured after all these years, was probably married etc. I did find one Carrie **** listed so I sent a short email asking if she was by chance the same girl I knew as a child. The next day I was out walking in my neighborhood and saw that someone had thrown out an old typewriter. Remember, junk is my treasure, so I took it home imagining how great those old keys would look in a new art piece. When I got home, my husband was watching a biography on Stephen King. They showed a scene from Misery and James Caan was typing something on the EXACT same typewriter, an old Royal.  My husband and I laughed out loud, it was so strange and sitting right there on my living room floor. I went to check my email and I was shocked. I had found her, and she was thrilled!! As I was reading her email, the television was showing a scene from the movie, you guessed it ...Carrie! To my amazement I found out that she was living in New York City and worked in an art gallery in Manhattan.

I don't know what it all means, but I know I'm on my way to greater things. Maybe Stephen King should write a book about synchronicity. And if your reading this, Stephen, you know youíre on the right track.

D.T., Canada


My parents live some 3,000 miles away. One night, I dreamt that my dad was calling my name over and over again, and I woke up sobbing. In the morning, I phoned my parents to tell them about my odd and disturbing dream. During the night, my mom said, my dad got up to make himself some tea. While he was pouring the boiling water, he suddenly felt nauseous and fainted, waking up later on the kitchen floor to find that he had a burn from the hot water. He had no idea how long he was "out." I was surprised and awed that my dad and I had connected in my dreams. I never knew before how he needed me, and how connected we truly are.

S.H., British Columbia

I had a weird dream about Michael Jackson doing a new single, but some other black guy was doing a lot of the talent, and a few minutes after I woke up, I was looking at my ISP web site and a news headline was about Michael Jackson having someone else write his next thing, and the guy in the picture was the guy in my dream. I had had no idea this was the case, nor was the news that interesting or important to me. I just dreamed my own intake of the news.

Iain, U.K.

I have had a few dreams which later really happened, but the most interesting one was about Saturday Night Live, as dumb as that seems. I had a dream that I had just come home from my aunt and uncle's, and turned on the TV just in time to see the last 5 minutes of SNL. I found it odd because the show had two hosts. I also remember that the musical guest was UB40. Two weeks later after returning home from my aunt and uncle's with my parents at about 1:30, I turned on the TV to see the last few minutes of SNL. They were just thanking the hosts and musical guests. The hosts were Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. I have NEVER seen SNL have two hosts except that time. The band playing was UB40.


I had a dream I was married to Steve McQueen,
the actor (deceased). It was a really nice dream. He was a nice guy. I was happy. I woke up and couldn't get this out of my mind, all day. While I like the movies I had seen of his, he hadn't been on my mind in years. I had never had a "crush" on him. Later in the day I got on the net and found out that his birthday was that same day. He would have been 70. It gave me goose bumps. I was more obsessed than ever. Later that day I was driving to my sisterís and a new building I had never seen was on her block -- "McQueen's." When I got to my sisterís, she was addressing an envelope and asked me to put it in her mailbox (her baby was in her arms). I looked at the envelope it was to Lisa MCQUEEN. I never figured what all this meant. I think it was just to get me to research coincidence, synchronicity and a deeper spiritual awareness.



Synchronicities definitely gather around when I have a love-interest! Currently, I am hung-up on a shy French girl with whom I worked at a seasonal job over 3 years, and I have experienced a number of odd occurrences regarding her. One of the more intriguing events occurred on Oct. 20th, 2001 at about 4:57am (AST): I'd just awoken from a vivid dream in which this girl was (finally) realizing that I do indeed have feelings for her - as she listened to songs on the radio. (We're both music lovers, and had a habit of singing quietly - often to and about each other - while listening to the radio at work.)

In any case, in this dream she was glad to know that I did care for her (she's not the most confident gal in the world), by  noting that those 3 songs represented how I felt for her. I then awoke, feeling very 'off' and fuzzy, as I often do with synchronistic experiences. The last song in the dream had been one which I attach to this girl in a very personal way, but it was a newer song - one I hadn't heard while working with her (I no longer have that job, and haven't  seen the girl since). Still feeling dazed, I had a crazy idea: See if that song is playing NOW on the radio! (I don't know - maybe I was looking for even MORE confirmation that she'd really gotten the message!) So, I reached over to the radio and turned it on... At that instant, that very song was just beginning! I almost fell over, but instead started laughing nervously ("Forget about going back to sleep, Kiddo!"). Unfortunately, this girl and I have little in common - besides terminal shyness and loving music - so it is unlikely that either of us will have a relationship. However, I'd like to think that she at least is aware that I care for her, even if nothing comes of it. (Awwwwww....!)


H. Cluney


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