"When we're in love, synchronicity seems to jump out
all over the place. We feel light-headed, happy,
 open; the world is smiling back at us,
giving the relationship a sense of destiny."

The Power of Flow, page 18

My dear friend and her husband had always wanted to retire and buy property that would enable them live as they wanted. Bob loved tennis and the purchase would include enough room to have a tennis court built. They found the property that would fulfill their dreams, with room for the envisioned tennis court. They bought the property but one month before the closing date Bob died suddenly of a heart attack. Sue sadly moved into the house alone and every morning for the next two years tried to pull herself from the lonely depression and darkness that had gathered around her. One early morning while walking alone with her thoughts on her missing love, she walked along near the area on the property that Bob had wanted to clear for his tennis court. Suddenly she looked and there in the underbrush lay a tennis ball. There was absolutely no way the ball could have or should have been there. Sue decided to build the tennis court in memory of Bob. She called a contractor and the work was begun. The man who owned the company was named Bob, and guess what, loved tennis. They were later married, and the date of their wedding was the same date that Sue had found the ball, which was the anniversary date of her first husband’s death.



My ex-boyfriend passed away in a tragic car accident, at a young age. He was the love of my life, I was only 16 when I met him. He was the most amazing man I've ever met. He never hurt me, all he did was love me with all his heart....due to differences we broke up, but I didn't stop loving him. He wanted to live in a town that I hated, so we went our ways. Few years later, him and I both are happy and moved in in our lives. His girlfriend was 7 months pregnant when he died, it was the worst sadest news I'd ever heard. He never even got to meet his son, and he wanted nothing more then to be a dad. I ended up miscarrying only weeks after he died. Two years later I'm pregnant again, and I end up being induced a month or so early. Hours in labour, wondering when my son would come into the world? What day would he be born on? He was born on my ex-boyfriend's birthday. I prayed for my son, he is my miracle baby, as doctors said I couldn't have children...... and he is perfect, he is everything I wished for and more.....I remembered then, back when I was young, my ex and I promising other, that we loved each other so much that if one died before the other, that we'd come back to be with them for the rest of their lives....well he's here, in my arms, and mine forever, my beautiful son. And I know he is very special and was sent into my life to make it worth living. My son being born saved me.



When I was 11 years old I fell madly in love with a certain boy. It happened the moment I laid eyes on him. It was like a lightning bolt. A thunderclap. It was absolute. Eventually, we lost touch after a couple of years but my feelings remained strong. I loved him. I had dated other people along the way but he was different. It was almost magical. Twelve years later he resurfaces and we begin dating. Life circumstances again separate us. Nothing negative. No fights or arguments. Just life. We lose touch. I am on one side of the country, he is on another. Another twelve years later I am at the gas station one block from my new home. I see a man walk in front of my car who I instantly recognize as "the boy." But I dismiss it as "impossible" and drive away. A few months later, he resurfaces in my life once again. He is now working two miles from my home. It was indeed him at the station. The rest remains to be seen.



Lately I have started believing in the idea that people come into our lives for a season, for a reason, no matter how brief the encounter; there is potential to change something inside. I am 30 years old and have been in love for over five years with someone who was never available. It becomes a habit, and a rather safe choice to remain in love with someone who is not there. Somehow it makes it easier to explain the pain which is mostly self-inflicted and based on the fact that it is so convenient to invest your emotions on something not real; because I would have no clue how to handle if something real and good would come into my life.

It was a friend's birthday dinner. We ended up going someplace else for drinks afterwards. I was talking to my friends, enjoying the evening and conversations that flowed freely, when something made me look across the room. There he was staring at me across the room with a warm smile that looked so familiar. I couldn't help but smile back, and when he walked all the way to me and said hello, it was like saying hello to an old friend. Polarity is the word for it. It was easy. It was probably half an hour into the conversation that I even realized that I haven't even checked if my friends were around. He held my had and it felt so natural to let him do that. We danced and talked. He said that he was going away on a five-month trip in two week's time. Somehow it didn't seem to matter. It was a wonderful night.

He took me out on a date a couple of nights later. For the first time in my life, I understood what it feels to be cherished and appreciated as a woman. For the first time in my life I know what it feels like to make love, not just have sex. He was affectionate, attentive, chivalrous and was completely with me when he was around me. He said 'It's so easy being with you.' I realized that's how it should be. It's easy being with someone when you truly connect. It's comfortable. No mind games or silly insecurities.

He left for his trip today; we made no promises. It would be unrealistic to do so. Maybe if fate has it or it is meant to be, we might meet again when he is back.

I have been in a very dark place in my life for a while now, and somehow he has opened up a light in me. I've finally let go of the toxic web of being in love with someone who is never there. He has awakened a desire to make some major changes in my stagnant life and give away the excuses of doing it another day. I am starting to live again and looking forward to making amends.

The strangest thing is, that night we had tried to go to several different pubs but we couldn't get in because one of our friend had a three-quarter pants on, and his attire didn't fit the dress code of many places. We only ended up going to that particular pub because we could all get in.

Somehow I think it was fate. Somehow our paths crossed for a reason, and that was to wake me up from my slumber of nothingness



I have been involved in a romantic relationship with RBC for more than a year now. I am in California, and he is on the East Coast. Everyday we talk on the phone about the business we are doing together or about ourselves.  After about four months of our relationship, we started noticing something very strange happening to us. 

One morning I woke up with a headache.  I couldn't trace the source.  Then he called me and said he drank some whisky the night before and he got a headache from the hangover. Sometimes, he had a problem with his eye and I had it too. When he was full of energy, tired or whatever, I was feeling the same or vice-versa. This went on and was happening at exactly the same time.  So we couldn't conclude that one or the other was just being sympathetic towards the other. At a very unlikely hours in California I would feel very sleepy.  It turned out, he was taking a nap in the East Coast or he was overseas and it was bedtime there.

Recently I was working on my computer.  It was cold and yet my palms were strangely sweating and my heart was pumping fast like I was nervous about something that I didn't even know.  This feeling went on and on making me feel very uneasy and uncomfortable.  That afternoon, he called and told me how upset he was and nervous about someone he is working with in his office.  Then of course, I told him what I was going through. 

In the latest episode, I suddenly felt sick.  I got a horrible headache about 2 p.m. California time.  Three hours later, he called and didn't sound good.  I asked him what was happening with him.  He told me he got a bad headache.  I asked him when it started.  He told me about 5p.m. East Coast time.  Then he guessed that I had it too.

By the way, I'm at the end of my divorce and when I change my name to my maiden name again, I will end up having the initials RBC.

We are actually puzzled about what is going on with us and if there is anyone out there who can explain to us, we would appreciate it greatly.

RCW, United States


I picked up your book several years ago.  I found it to be a fascinating read, but put it aside because school was too demanding.  Synchronicity was also lacking in my life, so the book didn't have much meaning for me.  I figured that if there was anything to this synchronicity theory, then I would pick it back up at the right time.

Nicole and I met on an internet dating website.  My neighbor Pat and I had recently played guitar at an open mike night at a local club. During our first date, at my apartment, Pat unexpectedly showed up.  We decided to play a couple songs for Nicole, even though I felt kind of cheesy doing so.  As soon as I put my guitar on my lap, Nicole exclaimed, "That's where I know you from!"  It turns out she was at the club the other night and saw us perform.  Nicole had ended a bad date with another man, and then picked this club at random.  She liked me on stage, and wanted to talk to me that night, but I was with someone else.  It turns out that during our first date, I was wearing the same shirt I wore on stage- that was how she recognized me. 

We both recently got out of bad relationships, where our needs went unfulfilled and we were under-appreciated. These bad relationships, and the misery that came with them, turned out to be blessings in disguise.  They helped us learn about ourselves enough to know what we want in a relationship, and our appreciation of each other is enhanced beyond words. 

Nicole has always sought someone like her father, and she found these qualities in me.  Here's the kicker- we are both named Tom.  I read in your book that it might take years to recognize synchronicity.  My first girlfriend was named Nicole.  It looks like my last girlfriend, soon to be my fiancée, has the same name.  Now that I am re-reading your book, and have the distraction of school behind me, I can recognize synchronicity all around.  My prediction was correct- whenever I decided to re-read your book, it would be the right time.

T.L., United States

I've been going to my hair salon for over nine years and knew everyone there. This man had been going to same salon for five years. We never met. On this particular day he walked in. I found him attractive and I whispered this to my friend 'Lisa' who worked there. I had not expected her to say anything in response to my comment.  She immediately called him over and introduced us.  I later learned that his own hair appt. that day was miscommunicated and he had to reschedule.  Within 10 minutes of us meeting he asked me out to lunch. Our lunch date five days later was nicely, oddly, uniquely very connecting and enjoyable.  Later in the week we met for coffee at which time he said "I don't know if you believe in past lives or not, but if you do, it almost feels like we've know each other before." I had felt that also and replied "Well, if that's the case...hello again." We're both mature adults in our early 50's, keen minds, enjoy life and we both felt this powerful, unique connection right away.  We have been dating for 3 months now.  Don't know if we were brought together to cross paths and share lessons then move on, or if our relationship will become long term.  My concern has been 'why do we feel this unique mutual strong soulful connection at such an early point of knowing each other? I have since come to relax about it and just let the relationship flow.

Carol, United States



My husband and I have been married for twenty years this July.  I've always believed in the power of synchronicity and how it can help you in life.  This is my story. 

I was 20 and had just broken off an engagement and was feeling pretty low.  For a lark I went to see a friend of my mother's who did tarot card readings.  That night she told me that she saw me in the future with a man who was very tall (I am quite tiny, only 5'2") who had dark hair, the most gorgeous blue eyes and she told me that I would know him by his lovely big smile.  She said she could see him bending over me as he was so tall.  She told me that I would meet him through work and that it would be very soon.  I came away from the meeting thinking "Oh, yeah, right, I'm going to meet a tall, dark, handsome stranger.  How many times have I heard that before?" and laughed it off.

 At the time I happened to be working for a brick-making company which was quite a long way away from where I lived.  It was in what was then more like a small country town than anything else.  The only people I ever got to meet there were the men in the office and the guys down in the factory, none of whom I was even vaguely interested in. One day a few weeks later I was bemoaning my single state to the boss's secretary when she said "The lady who lives next door to me has a son who doesn't have a girlfriend.  Why don't I ask him to call you?"  I thought "Why not, I might as well take a chance" and told her to go ahead.  I was the receptionist for the company at the time and I took a call the next day from someone who asked to speak to the boss's secretary.  This wasn't unusual but something said to me "That's the guy".  I put the call through but the secretary called me a moment later and told me the next door neighbour's son was on the phone.  I took the call and started to talk to this gorgeous sounding guy.  He asked me if I would meet him for a blind date that Friday night which just happened to be on a Friday 13th.  We made arrangements to meet and I hung up.  I couldn't stop thinking about him until Friday came around but funnily enough I never asked the secretary what he looked like.

When I got to the meeting place I wondered how I would recognise him.  We hadn't even got around to asking that question.  I don't remember how we recognised each other in such a crowded room but we did.  And he was exactly the way my mother's friend had described him.  He was very tall, 6'4", had beautiful dark wavy hair, the bluest eyes that I have ever seen and the most gorgeous smile.  We spent hours and hours just talking and I didn't get home 'till the early hours of the morning.  We were together just about every day after that night.  We moved in together a few months later, got engaged after four months and married after eleven months.  We just knew we were meant to be together  We've had our ups and downs since then but we've always stayed together and we both still love each other like newlyweds.  We both feel there was some greater force pulling us together that day and that we were just meant to be.  I believe we found each other again after being with each other in another lifetime. Sometimes I have to be careful of my thoughts because when I'm thinking of something, he'll come out and say it.  It's just amazing how many things we have in common.  He was born in exactly the same maternity ward as I was only a year earlier and I've since learned that we lived around the corner from each other at one time when we were both small.  His father took the family all over the world with the navy when he was young yet he was born in the same hospital ward.  What are the chances of that?   He's just the sweetest, kindest man you could ever hope to meet.  And I'm the luckiest gal this side of the hemisphere.  Synchronicity brought us together that day and keeps us together to this. 

S.M., Sydney, Australia

About four years ago, I traveled to Turkey and met an amazing man. He was our tour guide, and I was a travel consultant, and we spent the next two weeks together while on tour. During that time I was infatuated with him; however, I knew nothing would come of a romance so many miles apart. I lived in Australia and he in Turkey. During our tour of Turkey, we were shown a wish tree. Apparently all you had to do was tie a tissue onto the tree and make a wish. Well, yes, I did make a wish to have a man come into my life that would truly love me.

I said goodbye to my Turkish man and came back to Australia. We would talk every few weeks. About 18 months after that trip, I had a client who was Greek and very very similar to my Turkish friend. They had similar looks, similar views, both were highly intelligent, both with degrees, both only had two in the family, one male and one female -- the list goes on. Needless to say, when my Greek returned from his trip to Greece, he invited me out for coffee and guess what? We have been inseparable for the last three years. Wishes do come true, I am the proof.



After my husband passed away, I moved to Minneapolis to be closer to a long-time friend that had come and gone several times in my life -- feeling that this was a right decision for my time in life but, apprehensive because it was farther away from my family than I was comfortable with. While "back home" I met a man who was a "familiar stranger" to me and we had mutual friends.  We "hit" it off instantly.  We were both blown away. Normally he was too busy to notice anyone, and I was not looking for anyone.. Maybe I was. But, we have found so many times when our paths have crossed -- traveling to different places, people we know, funerals we have attended, things we like and don't. Since I have moved back to my home state, closer to my family and him, everything has come in rapid progression -- job, place to live, meeting new friends and old. We are very happy together and everyone can see it. It is truly remarkable and has caused me to research this whole topic.

The other day, I was looking through my mother’s extensive library (for recreational reading) and came across several books pertaining to this. I told my mother this is weird. My mother suggested I look for another book (which is a feat in her library...books about everything are in several rooms) and I went right to it on a shelf. When I brought it home, my boyfriend said, "I was thinking about this book today and wanted to read it."  Things like this happen all the time with us. It is fabulous. We have so much fun with the synchronicity in our lives and it has kept us from making terrible choices. We look forward to it continuing. 

R., Minnesota



Everyone I tell about my upcoming wedding suggests that I should write a book about my special love. Yesterday, a client of my fiancé commented to him that our story is so romantic that we should go on TV to share it. Last night I told my honey about a term I'd heard of several years ago - although not really knowing too much about it - and how there seemed to be a "synchronicity" with events from last Friday. Well - we logged onto the Internet and found your web site. And - lo and behold - here is an opportunity to share our love story!

Twenty-six years ago I found Tom. We connected in a way that I never dreamt or imagined possible. We opened totally to each other in an earthmoving way, saw each other's souls and fell madly and completely in love. The hitch - we were both separated from spouses taken in youthful marriages. Tom's wife came back and wanted to reconcile. Somehow, I mustered the strength to set him free to resolve his feelings for her. A friend of ours described her love for her husband and how she had waited years for him to sow his oats and be ready for marriage. When I heard this statement, I thought, My love for Tom is strong enough to endure a long waiting period. The day of reckoning arrived when he returned to his wife, only to end the relationship with finality within six months. Did I wait? I found that I was emotionally wounded and not as accessible as before. You see - I had borne a child out of our love and was raising her by myself. We tried but didn't make a go of it.

Years passed with Tom and I going our separate ways. Although there were suitors, I couldn't bring myself to marry short of the intense love I carried in my heart for Tom. Two and a half years ago, he looked me up and told me we would marry some day. We began dating. After working through some history, we uncovered our special love once again. It is intact and stronger than ever. Amazing - just when I thought I hadn't waited very long for my true love 25 years ago, I recollected the conversation with my friend and realized that I actually had waited a quarter of a century to share my life with his! This takes us to last Friday. Last year, we decided to marry, but we hadn't set a date until recently. Tom and I had talked about different locations to marry, but none had felt really right until Friday. That day, I was on the East Coast talking with a travel agent who described the beauty of Sedona, Arizona. Sedona felt right - I just knew it. And Tom agreed. Plans are falling into place beautifully. I had been too busy to open my newspaper that Friday, but when I did I found a picture of Sedona on the front page. Then, it struck me that I had decorated my family room in Southwestern decor several years ago and have a picture of the red rocks found in Arizona above my couch. Seven weeks from now, Tom and I will become husband and wife at sunset in view of the gorgeous red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. Synchronicity in this love story?!

Jean, Virginia, U.S.

I dated a man last year, but even though
I still had feelings for him, we mutually decided to end the relationship because of my fear and his not being ready to be in a relationship after divorce. As it turns out, I've probably seen him as much in the weeks and months since we have ended our relationship as I did while we were dating. In many instances, I've seen him while I've been on dates or shortly thereafter, within 24 hours. Among the places ... driving down the street, at a restaurant/bar, at mass, in the McDonald's drive-through line. Of course, seeing him totally kills whatever I might have felt for someone new. There have been numerous times when I've actually gone out of my way to avoid seeing him, i.e. going to mass at a time when I know he won't be there, not going to other places where I've seen him. It seems the more I try, the more he surfaces. Case in point: last week, while going out of my way to avoid him, I saw him twice.
When I see him, sometimes we speak or wave. One time we had a conversation that lasted a couple of hours. But mostly I just look the other way and try to avoid him seeing me.

The population of the metropolitan area where I live is 1.3 million people. It must be obvious, since we attend the same parish, that he lives reasonably close. Yes, that's true, he lives about three miles from me. However, I have not seen my neighbors nearly as much as I've seen him and they live on the same block. And besides him, I've NEVER seen anyone I know in the McDonald's line in my entire life! Suffice it to say, I STILL have feelings for him. Someone told me his "higher self" is looking for me, maybe mine for him, too, I don't know, but neither of us has broached the topic.  

This has been going on for almost a year. Not surprisingly, my fear has been holding me back from calling him or having a real heart-to-heart regarding a possible reconnection. Anyway ... I decided that I needed to work with a friend's hypnotist to "move on" instead of making any moves back to him. No particular reason except my extreme fear of rejection. Unfortunately, the hypnotist was very busy and recommended a book for me to read that could help me. So ... I went to the bookstore, feeling incredibly empowered, ready to launch into my personal change program, and bought the book. Interestingly, on my way home, guess who I saw?  Yes, him, out on the street jogging.

I'm sure you hear stories like this all the time, but truly, this entire experience is the most bizarre thing that's ever happened to me. Stay tuned.

S.K.C., Salt Lake City, U.S.


As part of a school activity I was taken for a retreat day in a peaceful mountain location about 70km from the city I lived in. It was my first year of high school. I was eleven and had rarely been out of the city. The retreat was a day of reflection and meditation in a type of monastery, surrounded by gardens with a peaceful stream running through it. At the end of the day I was very relaxed and was part of the first small groups to wait outside for the bus to take us back to the city. I watched as two boys about my age alighted from a school bus and were just talking and playing. At that stage I was not yet interested in boys, but I was very attracted to how these two boys were interacting with each other. I had an intense desire to live there and have a boyfriend when I was older. It was such an intense and spiritual feeling, I remember it to this day.

Ten years later, I met a man, who I got along with very well. I found out some months later that he grew up in this mountain town. He took me home to meet his family, and it was one of the houses closest to the monastery. Devastating bush fires two years before had destroyed houses across the road and beside them, but his family home and the monastery miraculously survived with a late wind change. He became my partner and eventually we settled in a nearby town. Another synchronicity was that when we met we lived in streets with the same name, in different locations, Brougham St and Brougham Rd.

But most amazing of all, I only recently found out, when I mentioned the retreat trip to my partner's mother. The only school bus that stopped outside the monastery was for the school that my partner went to and the only people who caught the bus at that stop in that year were my partner and his best friend.

We were together for thirteen years, and although we have parted we are still very good friends and he certainly is and has been a significant person in my life.

G.G., Melbourne, Australia

I was searching for people by name on the internet. Currently I am living in Long Island, NY. I am a contractor, which means my job assignments require relocating. Originally I am from Wichita, KS. Last week I was searching for people by name on the internet that I had lost contact with years ago. I typed in the name of my very first boyfriend. Imagine how dumbfounded and shocked I was to discover that he was now living in Savannah, GA, where I had lived for a year and left 2 1/2 years ago. What was even stranger was the fact that he was living at my old address. I have no desire to contact him but I have to admit this is strange and I don't know what to make of it.


I was living in another country five years ago
. I had a boyfriend there, we broke up and I returned to Mexico (where I am from) and he went some place in the U.S. to finish school. We both left without a trace. Within the years I moved to several countries, till I came to Mexico again, and I was taking out my stuff when I found an Egyptian Ankh he gave me for Christmas, so I started to use it. And days later, I was at my cousin's and I answered the phone and a voice said: "Hola mi vida." The voice was just like his, and the phrase was the same he used with me, but the call was not for me and the guy calling was obviously not him. I was thrilled. After five years of not knowing anything, suddenly he was on my mind again.  Days were passing and everything about him and his country started to appear in different ways from out of nowhere. So I started to look for information about signs and coincidences and all that stuff. I went to a library to look for some books about it, and the clerk, when I asked him about a book for coincidences and signs, he answered: Don't worry. What you're looking for, you are going to find it here." He led me to an Egyptian book!!!!!!

So I asked him why? And he told me not to ask so much because it was yet not ready for me to know that much at that time, that I was going to get it day by day, and to be patient. So I started my search. The book was (don't know how) marked exactly at the topics I was looking for. My head was a jigsaw puzzle at that time. In the book I bought, the first page talked about my culture and his, they were very related, and lots of other things happened like this in other books and daily events. And one week later, I found a piece of paper in a book with an address and a telephone from Egypt. (Once I had tried to keep in touch with his sister back where we were living, but never got a letter back, so I assumed she was not living there anymore so I quit doing it). So I called Egypt, and it was his father's place!!! And he told me he was not there, that he was in Paris, he had just moved there one day before and did not have any number yet, but he gave me the telephone where I can reach his sister. She was in the U.S. in a little town 1/2 hour from my aunt's house. His brother was living there and she was visiting him. He lived there for 3 years, (now I can tell we were very close in a sense of speaking). So I called her and she told me she was thrilled to hear my voice because she was looking for me as well, and she even took Spanish lessons to come to Mexico to ask for me because his brother told him to do it for he was going to look for me in Ecuador. He wanted to contact me again!!!

So, at the same time he was looking for me, I was doing the same!! Finally I got in touch with him and now we are in contact by telephone and internet, and we are about to see each other in two months.

 Destiny, coincidence?????? You choose.

A.L., Mexico

On June 13th, I was visiting with my oldest and dearest friend
in the world who had just moved to a town near my home. I was telling her that I was finally ready to date again. I had broken off my engagement to a man about a year and a half ago and had no desire what so ever to date anyone since that time. I was telling her that I wouldn't mind dating someone who had a small child (preferably a girl) because I like children and can't have any of my own due to the fact that I had to have a total hysterectomy about two years ago. The next day, while at work (I work at a very large Community College in the Enrollment Services area) in walks a student I had worked with a few times before. I distinctly remember the very first day he ever came in to our office ( Nov. 18, 1998)--this is unusual because I work with literally hundreds of students and they rarely stick in my mind unless they are obnoxious (and he wasn't, by the way!) When he walked into the office he had a small package in his hand and was smiling like crazy when I walked up to the front counter. He said the package was for me but not to open it until he left the office. To make a long story short, one of the things he gave me was a postcard of the Oregon Coast (we live in Portland) and on the postcard he was asking me out! That was almost two weeks ago and we have been dating since that very day. He has a small daughter whom I met last weekend. She is exactly the child I would want if I could have a daughter. They are both a joy to be with and I am so happy! The timing had to be more than a coincidence. I know it was meant to happen at that time otherwise I wouldn't have been ready for a relationship.


It was December 1995. I had been divorced for
about four months now. Actively searching for a companion, I used Prodigy for company. I often chatted with other members and also browsed the personals. I had met some nice people...dated, but nothing serious. A friend of mine wanted to try the personals so I agreed to let her use my computer. She pulled out about five ads that appealed to her. The very next day she received an answer from the ad she was most excited about. They are still together. About a week later, being happy with first guy who called, she asked me if I had checked her email. Well, I said no, and pushed it aside. She asked me a few times after that. I paid it no attention but somewhere in the back of my mind it was nagging at me lightly.  So I decided to open her mail to see what else had shown up. There was a letter in there from a guy who had two kids and whose wife had recently died. I wrote him back stating that I was a friend of the initial person who responded. He said that was fine. We made arrangements to meet that night. He opened the door and it was love at first sight on both ends. We have never been apart since that day.

Several weeks earlier, I had had a dream in which I saw the face of a man. In this dream, I felt an incredible deep love both for and from this person and a knowledge that he would be the man I would spend my life with happily. Well, needless to say, when he opened that door much to my was his face that I had seen in my dream. We met on December 29 and were married on February 14, six weeks later. And now have six kids between know... his, mine and ours — and couldn't be happier.



A couple months ago I was planning a night out dancing with my girlfriends when I had to stay late unexpectedly at work, so we decided to go to a small party instead because it was closer to home. I saw a man who I was instantly attracted to and kept making eye contact with him. I left the party early, but talked to one of my girlfriends the next day and she told me about how she met this incredible guy but she'd probably never see him again. Well later that day the guy she was talking about called her...he wrote down her number while she was giving it to someone else. She asked if I'd go out with them and one of his friends that same night, so I half-heartedly agreed...the friend turned out to be the man at the party that I was interested in.!!!!!!!!!  So since then we have been seeing each other off and on. There is a strange connection between us but we are both very shy, and I'm not real sure what he wants and if he's interested in me. We hadn't talked in a week and I was dying to see him. That same day I had been constantly thinking about him I ran into him at a Mexican restaurant, and hours later I see him in a bar with his friend in a whole other city!!!............Is it fate or am I crazy??!!

                                           Loren, San Clemente, California

I was thinking about a woman today
and just as I thought of her I looked out my window and saw the wind(?) blow open a door on the house across the street. The door next to it was already open, and this is the first time in three years those doors were open. I hope this means an "open door" to her heart !


I was going through a very difficult period in my life
, having broken up with my boyfriend. I had taken a vacation home, where my mother insisted that I make some serious choices in my life. I wasn't ready to make those choices as I felt they were wrong for me. Now, for years I had joked with my younger brother, that I'll marry a man who can discuss polytheistic religions with me. Sitting on the plane on my flight back, my mind was in turmoil as to how I should proceed with my life. Being 32 years old, it felt like I'd wasted too much time "looking for my soulmate." Seated next me, was a tall, blue-eyed man, who struck up a conversation with me. His topic -- "polytheistic religions." The next day, I went to a bookstore and casually picked up a book. It was called "Small Miracles" and the page I opened to spoke of receiving a sign. I felt a rush of warm wind in the empty hollow of my soul, because I knew I'd been told to "wait" and not make decisions which would be contrary to what I needed in life.

Selma Cardoso, United Arab Emirates

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