Looking for a Flow Partner
to share the book with?


Flow Dancers

Here are some people looking for a like-minded other to share their experiences doing the exercises in Techniques 1-14 in The Power of Flow.  Send an e-mail to post your name (or remove it when you've linked up with someone).




jsisco2013@gmail.com (Jessica)

My name is Jess, and I am looking for a flow partner.
I am very interested in subjects such as spiritual
and personal development. I am from New Jersey, and
I am willing to correspond via email.



hartlisa37@gmail.com (Lisa)

I just started this amazing book,
I want to get everything I possibly can out of this book...this new way of life.
I am looking for a flow partner. I live in Minnesota
but open to chat or email from anywhere.



eddsky@live.com (Edd)

My name is Edd and I would be interested in finding flow partners...



pollyk@shaw.ca (Polly)

I was looking for someone that would like to increase the
flow and synchronicities in their lives. Over the years
I have had many experiences in which I was the receiver
and also a flow messenger, but it always seemed to be long
periods of time between events. I have had these experiences with
people that I have connected to also through Internet and have not
even met them .. so you never know what this would bring out.
I believe the right person will come when the time is right for this.



ljsavory@cox.net (Lin)

Hello, this will be exciting. I am, 67 and looking
for a flow partner to share ideas about fortuitous happenstance.
I came across this page while looking for articles on synchronicity and serendipity
after watching the PBS video of Dr. Dyer and his book on Inspiration
and the Monarch Butterfly. He says his friend
and mentor Carl Jung coined the phrase and it happens to him all the time now.
Feeling unique and eccentric, I know this will be an interesting experiment.



alycosta4@hotmail.com (Eilleen)

I am a Colombian, living in Norway.
I am looking for a Flow Partner with whom to discuss
and share experiences about a series of synchronicities
with Angels and fortuitous events which happen to
me daily in my life. Please correspond via email
with the subject or reference of "Flow Partner".
Have a great day!!!



mgalanis@optusnet.com.au (Mary)

I believe in synchronicity and I believe in high
and low vibrations that create events. Our life events are our destiny.
Pre-determined based on outcomes we decide before we enter the earth plane.
Come find me and share with me.



carolhtrim@icloud.com (Carol)

I recently purchased the book and
I'm hoping to talk with like-minded persons about this
spiritual journey.



carlosbs.adm@gmail.com (Carlos)



esteban.marenco@oracle.com (Esteban)

My name is Esteban (39 yrs old ) and I would like
to have a flow partner from anywhere in the world.



wendypere3@gmail.com (Wendy)

I am looking for a flow partner!



ahnifilms@yahoo.com (Jack)

I am looking for like minded flow partners. I have experienced
flow in the past. I feel I have lost a bit of touch with it
over the years. I've had psychic dreams, premonitions
and knowings. I am looking to turn things around and
achieve great growth and abundance in my career.
Napoleon Hill writes in "Think and Grow Rich" of the
power of the mind trust, minds working together.
Based in Los Angeles...



intheflow2006@earthlink.net (Jeff)

I am a 48 year old looking for a
flow partner in the greater Portland, Oregon area;
Gresham preferably but not required. I've
experienced lots of synchronicity in my life,
but have recently found myself in need
of strengthening my skill set in new areas.
I have lots to share and am interested in
receiving your shares as well. Thank you!



mec_space25@yahoo.com (Maria)

I am looking for like-minded people to connect and
share experiences related to this subject.
I too, am fascinated by synchronicity moments and unlikely
connections and am reading this book as well as others
to understand the process. I am in
central NJ, but would not mind sharing via email.



awilson825@att.net (Anita)

I am interested in a flow partner.
I live in the San Francisco bay area.
My name is Anita 49yo.



gretchen@tctc.com (Gretchen)

I live in Indiana and have been on a deeper
spiritual path for year or two now.
Every day I have been looking for the deeper meaning
in occurrences, even painful ones. Very interested in
looking into the deeper meanings in dreams. Looking
for a flow partner with whom I could
share insight and learn from one another.
I am quite happy to communicate via e-mail.



carol@executivemail.co.za (Carol)

I am looking for a flow partner. Reside
in Johannesburg, South Africa. Synchronicity has been a part
of my entire life, was just not aware of it.
Now I am starting to pay attention to what the Universe
Universe is saying and has been saying!



andreyfurma@hotmail.com (Andrey)

I live in New York and would love
to share my experiences with a flow partner.



Niak808@yahoo.com (Nia)

Aloha from Hawaii! A lot of
synchronicities happen in my life for me to dismiss.
Looking for Flow Partners in Hawaii to discuss
ideas and share experiences. :)



phil@philipmerry.com (Phil Merry)

In Singapore - am doing my doctorate in
"Synchronicity & Leadership across Cultures" - would be interested
in hooking up with people interested in sharing
articles/research/approaches - am happily married.



sunlionart@yahoo.com (Marcie)

I am an artist, nurse and single mom
in Maryland. I am fascinated by synchronicity
and would love to learn from any who are interested
in sharing knowledge or experiences.



ppaige381@gmail.com (Pam)

I live in Massachusetts. Looking to connect
with Flow Partners. I am very intuitive and I've been following
synchronistic events my entire life...at times,
I get off track, unfortunately! ...Incorporating
"The Power of Flow" to keep things more
aligned & harmonious.



vernmarie@gmail.com (Veronica)

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah,
and I'm looking for flow partners
to experience and share with.



Bizzmanshan@aim.com (Shan)

I am looking for a person to share my experiences
with while looking to gain insight from that
person's perspective. I am a positive guy and I look forward to
connecting to like-minded individuals. I have a beautiful
girlfriend and I live in southeastern Pennsylvania.
I have been studying the law of attraction and
synchronicity for the past few years and it has been
by far the most fascinating subject I've came across
in my life. I know I will attract the right
person reading this so let me know your experiences
and I will share mine. Have a positive,
peaceful and blessed day.



hellefoged@gmail.com (Helle)

I am looking for a partner to share with.



Meggyhall@hotmail.co.uk (Meggy)

Hi, I'm new to this and
find it fascinating. Synchronicity is starting to appear in my life.
I'm 53 and recently divorced and looking for
the meaning of life. I live in Stafford, England.



Kungfupunch@gmail.com (Jonathon)

Hi, I'm looking for a flow partner in Los Angeles :)



Monique.thiele@yahoo.com (Monique)

I am looking for another novice, or someone
very patient, to work on flow with. I typically recognize
coincidences, but have yet to be present enough to put
the pieces together and make them work for me.
I came across this book at the right time
in my life, and have just started the process.



sh4635379@gmail.com (Sarah)

Please include my name on the list
for access to a flow partner. Thanks.



coldwaterrealty@gmail.com (Richard)

I am interested in this topic
and am in Minnesota, U. S. A.



MAmethyst@aol.com (Maria)

I am a 63-year-old female looking for someone
to share FLOW experiences with as well as insights.
I read this book many years ago and continue to experience the Power of Flow.


moedave5923@charter.net (David)

I've been a big observer of synchronistic events for about
six years.  I like to read all I can find on the topic and the fact I found
out about and located "The Power of Flow" book was one
of the strongest synch's I've ever had....  
I'm a middle school teacher and am 49 years old with two
 adult children (and I'm single if that matters to anyone)



Canada.kwhiteman99@hotmail.com (Karan)

Looking for Flow partners. I am female living in Atlantic Canada.



Seeking discussion partners


mark_ow_ski@hotmail.com (Marek)

I'm 23 in August 2008. I'm an Aussie/Polish guy who's a real
 unique individual. Friendly,easily approachable & honest. I want to start
a new chapter in my life. I want to find my purpose in life . I hope to find
people with who i can talk to about Synchronicity and Flow as i start my new journey.


davida0143@yahoo.com (David)

I live in Baltimore, MD.  I have been reading the book and began working
on technique #1.  I think I would benefit from having a partner. 
I am 54 y/o , married w/ 2 grown sons.  I am to embark on a
new career very soon. All the best of the Flow to all . . .


oogabooga2@comcast.net (Margaret)

I would love to share flowing synchronistic experiences with anyone
as interested and excited as I am. I live 8 miles north of
San Francisco...Thanks and Look forward to hearing from you soon.


mc80216@yahoo.com (Karin)

Looking for a flow partner in Denver, Colorado. Thank you.


fxano@eastlink.ca (Francis-Xavier)

 Immersed in seeing the meaning of it all, and how synchronicity
can help point the way.  Interested in open-minded people who
are seeking to trigger synchronicities in their lives. I'm in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


ctravel2006@yahoo.com (Corin)

I came across this book again that I had read several years ago. I don't believe
 it was coincidence!! I am currently looking for
my purpose in life :-). I would love to learn
and share ideas with someone. I live in LA.



I am looking for like-minded people to converse with

on their journey of developing their own power of flow. 



Just started the book. Not to the part about flow partners yet
but would like to talk more on the subject
if anyone would like to.


I am located in Northwest New Jersey and have believed in

synchronicity and flow for quite some time.  But I haven't lived it the way

I would like to. I'm reading the book right now and am

beginning to use the exercises.  I'd love to find some other like-minded

individuals who are either new or very skilled in the process looking for a flow partner.


walksbeyond@hotmail.com (Mike Fraser)

 Looking for a flow partner in city of Chicago to work

exercises or just chat bigger picture. I am currently on the path

and seek direction of flow. I love the outdoors and far away places.

Currently studying Pastoral counseling and seek to connect

with those that are waiting and preparing for my arrival.



Greetings!  The idea of conversing with like minded flow enthusiasts

is my intention.  Although the Power of Flow is a current reading

I have been pleasantly surprised by how natural

the idea of flow is and how frequently synchronicity has

occurred throughout my life.



honeydripper66@hotmail.com (Matt)
I'm a soon to be 40yr. old man in Ohio who is just starting this
book though I feel I've been on this quest my whole life.
I would love to have a flow partner to discuss ideas
and to help each other get more connected.

tjsingleton@united.net (Tammy)
Hello, I live in the middle Tennessee area. I moved here from Central
Florida and I moved to Florida from Savannah, Georgia. I am a Reiki Master and a
CoreHealth Practitioner and do a lot of energy work. I do not charge for Reiki
attunements or any of the energy work I do because I like to give back to the
community. The Reiki motto is "We are all ONE". I am intuitive and believe that
we create our own reality. My husband and I both are Scorpio Tiger's. I am
reading "The Power of Flow and it is an excellent book. I am looking for like
minded email FLOW partners. NAMASTE

pipmail2002@yahoo.com (Philip)

Hi, living in Los Angeles, looking
for a flow partner, best wishes...

I am located in Northwest New Jersey and have believed
in synchronicity and flow for quite some time. But I haven't lived it
the way I would like to. I'm reading the book right now and
am beginning to use the exercises. I'd love to find some
other like-minded individuals who are either new
or very skilled in the process looking for a flow partner.


janesrygley@yahoo.com (Jane)

I'm a lesbian woman in northern PA.  The book has been a big help to me,
really just confirming things I've figured out on my own, but doing it in a way
that makes the concept more accessible.  I'd be interested in talking to any
like-minded individuals... also how about we start an e-group????


KBGant19@aol.com (Kim)

I am new to the FLOW concept by virtue of the fact that I am just starting the book. 
I've always known it was there, always known coincidence is a myth and
the importance of understanding the meaning of things that seem to hold
particular significance to us.  I am looking for a flow partner for sharing, support and
trading inspiration in our journey.  I am a 35 year old divorced mother of two in Ohio.

Doesn't matter where you live, just that you were led to respond.  Look

forward to sharing with you.

newkimskywalker@hotmail.com (Kim Hoeck)
I am looking for a flow partner in Denmark.

Hej jeg vil gerne have flow partner i Danmark.

dickymintos@hotmail.com (Richard)
I’ve just reached “Creating a Supportive Internal Environment,”
and will continue to read to the end of the book. Is there anybody out there
who I can be flow partner with? Being in the UK would
 be great, but staying in touch by email is sound, too.

Walterboyle11@hotmail.com (Walter) 
I live outside London and have just read The Power of Flow
This has come at a time when a number of life-changing things (synchronicity) have come together
in my life.  Is there anyone in the spiritual deserts of England reading similar books and
would like to discuss further how "things" come together and make sense?

joy_ce_mail@yahoo.com.sg (Joyce)
I have just started with The Power of Flow. I'm looking for a flow partner. I'm in Singapore.

tony@irishblessingsmatter.com (Tony Cuckson)
I would love to share with others ideas about flow and purpose. 
I live in West Ireland and am presently working as a
writer on the subjectof Blessings in daily life. Should
you wish to reply please include some reference
to "flow partner" in order that I do not delete your response.

manuel_vite@hotmail.com (Manuel)
I'm from Mexico City, and I am looking for a flow partner. I would like to correspond
via email or talk or phone or in person.

mutuallovepeacehappiness@msn.co.jp (Kumiko)
 I have tried to follow my flow, and now I am brought here by this book.
 I would love to have someone to share some thoughts about
the power of flow. I would love to enjoy and feel it more,
just a simple way.  Don't you feel excited about the flow? 
I am a 40s divorced female who lives in Tokyo.

 joshbenc@hotmail.com (Josh Colon)
I live in upper Westchester, NY, and am in the middle of a lot of things
falling into place for me.  I'm new but I've always had faith that
some things just clear the way for me. I’m a former
Navy sailor who was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan for two years and then
went on a ship where I got to go to Australia, Singapore, The Gulf,
Thailand, and Guam. I met what I believe to be one of the most important
women (soul mate?) in my life during 9/11. It feels
like I'm in a movie and just going along with the script.  I would love to
meet someone and share experiences and trade ideas.
We can talk online from anywhere but I would love to meet someone from Miami or New York.

jeffery@jefferythegreat.com (Jeff)
Interested in meeting with others either in person or via email who
will be positive influences on my (our) getting into flow.  Just
started the book but have done a lot of other spiritual/self help
reading, most notably Dr. Wayne Dyer.  I'm in Chicago.

giatheodore@yahoo.com (Gia)
I'm from NY and I'm looking for a flow partner.

I would like to have a flow partner. I live in NY.

flemingl64@msn.com  (Lori Fleming)
I live in the Seattle area.  I'm turning 40 this year, and this past year has
 been of one of great success and amazing falls:)  I'd enjoy connecting
with someone to see if we might be a good team for collaboratively 
discussing/exploring the concepts in the Flow. 

shep94@optonline.net  (Holli)
I am a lesbian in the Northern NJ/NYC area. I am looking for
a flow partner(s) for  discussion and the sharing of experiences.

ama.dea@tiscali.de (Isabel)
I'm looking for a flow partner, preferably in Munich, Germany or via e-mail
to share inspirations, experiences and serendipitous adventures.

orchid_c73@yahoo.ca (Chandan)
I live in Toronto, Ontario. I'm interested in sharing ideas and thoughts with a flow partner.

oldcoldsourdough@alaska.com (Nancy)
I would love to have a flow partner to discuss things with. Anyone in
Alaska out there?

dvsdrg@yahoo.com (David)
I live in Alaska and I am currently looking for a "spiritual safety net."
I look forward to sharing, supporting, listening and growing with
anyone who wishes to correspond with me.

I am looking for a flow partner in this crazy city of New York
to share possibilities in the power of flow...

 I'm new to the whole flow concept, but find it wonderfully interesting. 
 I'd like to talk with anyone interested in sharing. 
I'm a single mom in upstate New York. 

rhanna@innercube.com  (Rebecca)
I live in Baltimore, Maryland. I would like to meet others who are
already familiar with metaphysics and are on a path of
spiritual development.  I am married with two teenage boys.
I am an assemblage/collage artist and I am currently
earning degrees to become a spiritual counselor.

reg@zerotimenow.com (Reg Hutchison)
I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sometimes I feel
like I'm going crazy, I need to connect with
someone that gets the power of Flow and Synchronicity.

ljfish2@aol.com (Kelley)
I am a gay woman living and thriving in New York City
 and am looking for some creative, flow-seeking comrades
who know how to listen and are filled with curiosity.

leah_campbell@prodigy.net (Leah)
I am in the flow.  I feel guidance and strength. 
I am visually gifted.  I am extroverted and often times I need to speak, write
or interact to have all the pieces come together.  I enjoy awareness, everywhereness,
possibilities, new perspectives and communicating with others
who are sharing similar experiences. 

  cornucopiaisland@yahoo.com (Joe Medana)
Flowseeker almost graduated to flowmaster would like to
exchange experiences, motivational talks and an 
everlasting  friendship with others like minded in this
part of the Universe. Souls located in middle Tennessee ( Nashville and southern counties )
 are encouraged to send that email that your intuition is nudging you to compose.

ImBryan25@aol.com (Bryan)
I'm Bryan in Oklahoma City and am wanting to
meet new like-minded friends. Thanks for your time.

yvonne.schalin@cec.eu.int (Eva)
"I'm Swedish but live and work in Brussels, Belgium.
I am looking for a flowpartner."

 superdoray50@hotmail.com(Louis J. Macario Jr.)
Hi, I live in Northern NJ about 12 miles from  NYC . I'm a  male 52 years
 young. While going through my divorce and and now 6 years later,
I have experienced so many wonderful synchronicities. They blew me away .
WOW.... to know I am on the right track in my life .   If you are in the same
place and would like to share, let's write." 

avt1_2000@hotmail.com (Alvaro Villacorta)
"Hello, I'm 33 years old men, looking for someone in Mexico City
 to share and live this wonderful and rare experience."

Olgayaleo@earthlink.net (Olga)
"Living in northern New Mexico ~ cherish connections between people,
 ideas, places, occurrences. Would enjoy sharing correspondence with others."

mzurisang@hotmail.com (Mzuri)
"I live in  the New York area. I am an artist and am looking
 for a flow partner that the universe sends to me from anywhere in the world."

 martiangirlv@hotmail.com (Melissa)

wayne@thenativefloridian.com (Wayne Roth)
 “I am looking for a person that likes to listen as well as
be listened to…. I live in Orlando, Florida and I am
looking for a Flow Partner to share some experiences and grow with the flow.” 

  nurdankona@yahoo.com (nurdan)
 “Looking for a flow partner in Istanbul.”

Walkingfun@aol.com (Naoki)
“I 'm a male Japanese looking for a flow partner, with whom
 I want to discuss this subject. I'm interested in personal development,
 harmony with nature, though I' m new in the field.
I live in Turkey now, but am moving in near future.”

playspirit@att.net (Patricia)
“Living in Minneapolis, MN. Finding the book explains
a lifetime of flow before I knew what it was. Now looking
to live as a flowmaster and consciously utilize the tools to create
a life of heaven on earth. Interested in talking with others who want to share.”

 "I am looking for someone to share thoughts on the book
 and flow in general. I am in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania."

Labropulos@t-online.de (Vangelis)
"I am living in Münich and I like to share my experiences."

rune.lehmann@get2net.dk (Rune Lehmann)
"I'm looking for a flow partner in Denmark to discuss
this phenomena. I'm born in 1975."

 Angelbianca@lycos.com (Cherise)
"I am in Miami, Florida."

omegaenergetics@lycos.com (Shaun S)
"I am seeking a flow partner in Portland, Oregon, USA. I am open to
sharing my journey with others in Portland or via e-mail with people
from Europe (the UK and Germany, in particular)."

       jato@myaccess.com.au (Janet Daly)
"Synchronicity of the soul is a wonderful thing. Like to find
an adventurous spirit to really explore this wonderful field."
Gold Coast Australia.

 tantra_gypsy@hotmail.com (Joyce)
"I have just returned from my home in Sedona, AZ
to Northern California to spend the summer with my son, finalize my
divorce (after 21 yrs!), and begin my new Image Consulting Business.
I am 42 years old in case that is important to anyone. Astro:  Virgo
sun, Aries Moon, Leo rising. I am a writer and a "teacher" with an
academic background in Economics and a prior career background
of 20 years in Finance Mgmt. Anyone there to
talk to ---  would be great to meet someone close by also, but that is not necessary."

 jisaacson@police.coosbay.org (Jude Isaacson)
"I am not so new to this, and yet it seems to change and get clearer all
the time. I live on the south coast of Oregon and have just ordered
the book. Never have found this website till today.  Is it flow

sony@io.com (Nathan)
"I'm surprisingly new to this, but I'd be interested in sharing thoughts,
experiences, etc. For what it's worth, I'm in Austin, TX."

lynmarieall@netscape.net (Angie Allen)
"NYC Flowseeker. I use tai chi, chi kung, meditation, deep breathing,
 deep massage, and prayer for self-transformation. Just discovered
a passion for life; any like-minded to share our journey."

maguirre@dcss.douglas.bc.ca (Mayrena Aguirre)
"I am really interested in finding a
partner-in-flow. I live in Vancouver."

l.sinclair@sympatico.ca (Lorne Sinclair)
"I live in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and would ideally like
to connect with someone of like mind in this area. However, an e-mail
partner would be great too."

honeyjr@yahoo.com (honeyjr)
"I'm looking for a flow partner. I live in Toronto Canada."

duvvuri_r@yahoo.com (Rama)
"Looking for Flow Partner who is also interested in meditations,
energy healing, nutrition and all other good things on this planet."

 monilecum@teleline.es (eva lecumberri)
"I would like to share experiences on flow.
My life is changing right. (Pamplona, Spain)"

mlnantes@wanadoo.es (Mariona Lacondeguy)
"I'm looking for a flow partner.
I live in Barcelona, Spain." 

muham5@hotmail.com (Michael)
"Looking for a flowpartner in Northern Illinois or
e-mail correspondence from anywhere concerning coincidence, flow and NLP"

tanaya3@excite.com (Troy)
"I am looking for a flow partner in the Toledo, Ohio area.
However, I would love to communicate with anyone on this planet
who, like myself, has recently discovered the reality of flow in their life."

"Feel like I am at the threshold of new beginnings.
Looking for a flow partner to share and practice in Houston,Texas."

hartel@stronglink.dk (Duane Robert Hartel)
"I'm looking for a flow partner to
share the flow with in Denmark"

franz.bauer@chello.at (Franz Bauer)
"He, gibt's deutsch sprechende Floh-Partner?
(I'm from Austria, Vienna) :-))

eparadise@panam.edu (Edd)
"I am interested in a flow partner in the Santa Cruz, California area, or
Austin, Texas, or Australia to discuss Flow, Synchronicity, and other
affirmations from the cosmos around us."

suzyc@jps.net (suzy)
"Looking for a Flow Partner in the Seattle Metro area,
North Seattle, or East Side."

Sassi591@prodigy.net (Jan)
"Looking for someone to discuss Flow in the Wilkes-Barre, PA area.
I am new at this."

joachim@nusch.com (Joachim)
"I am looking for flow partners and discussions in Germany or South America."

avigailt@netvision.net.il (Avigail Tal)
"I'm looking for a partner to discuss this phenomena with. (I'm) from Israel."

jolened@realm.ca (Jolene Dobson)
"Seeking a flowpartner in Canada to share ideas, feelings
and life experiences with."

CChaski@aol.com (Carole)
"I am a Christian, live in Southern Delaware, and
would like to correspond via email/talk on phone or in person
with a FlowPartner. God bless you all!"

briantjensen@post.tele.dk (Brian T. Jensen)
"Looking for a FlowPartner in Denmark"

"I am interested in a flow partner, though I have no experience at this." 

draann@stud.hum.aau.dk (Ann Nielsen)
"Looking for flowpartners in USA and Denmark"

car0@flash.net (Carole Rogan)
"New Mexico area, seeking share/grow/develop inkies partner
(inkies meaning coincidences ;-)"

"I live in Erie, Pa., and am looking for a flow partner."

AdamBlake@aol.com (Adam Lieberman)
"Currently in NY, moving back to SF shortly."


mailto:awakening1@netscape.net (Steve)
"Looking for fresh ideas and deep discussion....live in Northwest Indiana."

miccolli@online.no (Bo Boilesen)
"Looking for a FlowPartner in Denmark."

mailto:eChristine.(JWalker126@aol.com (Christine)
"Interested in the arts. In the Roanoke, VA area."

"Any English-speaking flow partners in the Lisbon (Portugal) area?
38 yr-old female seeking like-minded other(s)
willing to share ideas/learn the techniques in this book"

"I am searching for a flow partner. West Allis, WI area."

dkosmas@eetaa.gr(Dionisios Kosmas)
"I'm looking for a Flow Partner in Athens area (Greece)"

dixdol@mindspring.com (Debby Byrnes)
"Looking for someone in either Atlanta or NYC to share exercises in book"

"Have lived all over the place…Looking for thought-provoking discussion"

 dennisl@csn.net (Dennis Lemon)
"Any synchers in Boulder?"

mailto:ki;zu@cpmcemtroc/met (Julz)
"I am looking for a flow partner in the Austin, Texas area"

tinedk@vip.cybercity.dk (Tine Iversen)
"Looking for a flow partner in Denmark"

carsten.sundby@get2net.dk (Carsten Nielsen)
"Looking for flow partner in Australia"

mailto:dyke@mb.sympatico.ca(Jan Anderson)

interec@xinis.com (Mara Levidi)
"Any like-minded people in Athens, Greece?"

CRedor@aol.com (C. Redor)

pacarim@pacbell.net (Shannon L. Abraham)
"Any flow partners in SF?"

bvassileva@mailexcite.com (Bistra Vassileva -- Bulgaria)

JD_Smith_AZ@classic.msn.com (JD Smith)

caramante@Surg-1.surg.synysb.edu (Lou Caramante)

davej@ca-connection.com (Dave Johnson)



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