Clusters of Synchronicities

"A cluster involves a series of linked synchronicities.
It can have multiple levels of meaning that coalesce
over time around a particular theme."

The Power of Flow, p. 25


I was producing a documentary on reincarnation, and trying to set up a psychic reading for a subject, Jeff Keene, who believed he was Confederate Gen. John B. Gordon in a previous life. I got three contacts from the Edgar Cayce Foundation, including Delphi University, and tried to set up a reading through that organization. Several times I talked casually to a young man, Steve Smith, who answered the phone, about his interest in electronic music, when finally I happened to tell him the reason for my call. When I told him about Jeff and Gen. Gordon, he replied, "Gordon was my great-great uncle!"

During a trip to the Antietam battlefield, where Jeff had had his flashback experience, Jeff and I were casually talking in front of the hotel where his tour group of civil war enthusiasts were staying. I happened to mention, in a normal conversational tone, an ancestor of mine, Fidello Biddle, who had fought during the Civil War there, and I noticed an older man and a younger one stop in their tracks and start staring at me. They came over and said, "Did you say, Fidello Biddle?" Turns out he was our common ancestor, and they were my mother's 1st-cousin once removed and his son.

During this same trip, I was inside the museum getting some footage of a sword handle, when I heard a boy call out emphatically from about 15 feet behind me, "I know that man!" He came running up alongside me, and looking at a picture of Capt. John A Tompkins, he repeated, "I know that man!" I asked him, "Who is he?" And he replied, "That's John."" Having recently interviewed an expert on children remembering their past lives, I tried to ask him a non-leading question, "What did he do?" The boy replied, "He killed all the bad guys!" His mother said he was five years old and had just started to read, but probably would not have been able to read the inscription on the photograph (especially not from at least 15 feet away); his father simply shook his head and muttered, "He couldn't have read that." What was synchronous about this to me, however, is that I was specifically studying and interested in this phenomenon at the time.

Steve Sakellarios, Atlanta, GA


I had a dream about a huge kitten coming out of my father's room and the kitten stared for moment and disappeared. This was a couple of weeks after my father's death. I started to search the animal shelters for a cat like the one in the dream. I couldn't find the one in my dream. After that, six years ago, a stray orange tabby showed up on my doorstep late at night. I recognized him immediately from the dream. What was strange was that earlier I had been to the shelter to adopt a kitten I saw but he wasn't available anymore.

My beloved Nemo died May 26, 20l0. He was hit by a car. I was completely devastated and heartbroken. I didn't stop crying the first week. Then I had second dream about Nemo. In my dream, I went outside my house because I heard a cat meowing and it was Nemo. I started shouting, "It's a miracle, my Nemo is back!" and I gave him a million hugs and kisses. Then I woke up. I felt that I really did hold him one last time.

I knew I wanted save another cat in Nemo's memory. I wasn't ready but it gave me comfort to look at the shelter cats knowing one life would be saved. There were hundreds of orange tabbies. For about ten days I kept getting attracted to one cat. The shelter rescue volunteers replaced his number with the name Samson. I had a German Shepherd named Samson that saved my life thirty years ago. I raced to the shelter and adopted Samson. I believe it was a wink from God. He looks so much more like Nemo than his picture suggested. Samson is like a Nemo clone physically and personality wise. It's uncanny.

Two weeks later, my husband gets a computer generated activation code on the TV screen. It read 166nemo. The Nemo name was a shock but the bigger shock is 166 is the street number where Nemo died. The odds of that happening must be infinite. Second wink, I know Nemo is safe in God's hands.

Last week, I saw a book about dreams and opened it randomly. The page was a story about a woman and her pet kitty that died.

I miss Nemo so very, very much but it has given me relief to know he is close with me even if I can't see him.



I love this stuff, even though I must admit it is at times a little unnerving. The week started out with my boyfriend and I going to visit his mother. He was looking for a shirt to put on when from way back in the closet he pulled out this dress shirt with a scene on it from the movie Easy Rider. He had not worn this shirt in a very long time but yet was drawn to it this day. I suggested he wear a cotton shirt instead as it was very warm that day, and he would be more comfortable. He agreed and put the motorcycle shirt back. Monday he went to work and found out his boss had crashed on his Harley and died instantly. Maybe the  universe was trying to tell him to slow down and be more of an Easy Rider? Tuesday I was talking to my dad and the conversation turned to hit-and-runs, how drivers crash into things and then flee the scene -- the last thing we talked about before we hung up. Two hours later my son’s friend came to the door and ask if my son was in a accident, because his car was totaled and stuck out in the middle of the road. Nobody had seen anything and the driver was long gone. Thank God my son was not in his car. The next day I was buying lunch and it came to $4 and some change. I remembered I still had six singles from the week before. I handed her the five ones and noticed the remaining dollar had writing on it -- it had “1993 green Honda Civic” written on it in black ink.....the description of my son’s car exactly! Was that a clue as to what to watch for with my son’s car a week before it happened? But I couldn’t have as I noticed the writing after the fact. If you want to get rich quick, count your blessings. Blessed Be.

C.A.R at


I have so many stories for you, especially related to my work as a puppeteer; there are just too many to tell. But here's one: A year ago, I was visiting a woman I got to know through my puppet show. We met when I was performing at Mohonk Mountain House, and she had invited me to visit her and her family in Leonia, New Jersey. Just before leaving, she mentioned that her husband was involved with a book on synchronicity. That intrigued me, because to me, synchronicity seems to be a way of life. Also, in the same conversation, we discovered that we both knew the visionary artist, Alex Gray. I had performed at his house in New York City. We enjoyed all these newfound connections, and I drove home, without stopping, straight up the Palisades and 87,and stopped at a gas station to fill up. Alex Gray, whom I had not seen in at least a year, was pumping gas at the pump next to mine. I was thinking about that day as I read your book, and was wondering how my friend's synchronicity book was coming, and when I'd be able to read it, when farther down the page I read: "Suzanne and Earl Davis were playing poker...." Suzanne and Earl are my friends in Leonia. How's that?

Grian MacGregor, Woodstock, NY

Mine is one of the most massive clusters of synchronicities of all, I am sure, but I will try and keep it brief. I worked for the past 10 years in jobs I took because I believed they were what my father would want for me. I wanted to play the role of responsible young adult to make him proud but was not true to my own needs. I convinced myself that more money would make me happier. And a desk job was the measure of success, as defined by my father. Desk jobs, technology jobs, software development etc. For 10 years, I jumped from opportunity to opportunity thinking that each would make me happier than the last. I was always miserable sitting in a cubical though. Bureaucracy depressed me. Suits made me feel confined and defeated. Originally, I got into computers because of my fascination with video games and it was my dream to be a video game programmer. However, without a university degree, a job in that industry was impossible to get so I continued to build a career as a 'business programmer' in IT and was absolutely miserable doing so.

One day I came home to visit my parents when my mother showed me an 'interesting' article she'd cut out of the local small-town paper for me about a man my age who opened a new video game studio right there in my home town. The first one ever in my geographic region and completely unlikely as the only other industry in the town was fishing. Part of me was excited at the idea and a part of me was resentful. My heart sunk as I dreamed of being in that man's shoes. How had he managed to fulfill MY dream? And in MY home town!? I flew back home to the city more convinced than ever that I was doomed to continue my life in the IT industry. My cousin, who lived in the same city as me at the time, but with two children and a wife with whom I was very close, was laid off shortly thereafter. He had been a victim of the economy and in spite of being qualified was completely unable to find work. As I did my best to help his family through their hard times, I was also laid off from my job when the IT bubble burst in 2001. Unlike him, however, I had been given a ridiculously generous severance package  which allowed me to remain optimistic about finding work for myself. "Besides," I said, "I was thinking about taking a new direction anyway. I am miserable."

My cousin was envious, he was trying to figure out a way to get his entire family back to the East Coast where they would have the support of their family and more resources from which to draw. Yet without employment, there was no money to move.

In a seemingly miraculous coincidence, I received a phone call from a company on the East Coast who'd seen my resume and wanted to do a phone interview for an urgent position. I didn't much like the sound of the job but could not deny the fortuitous coincidence (at least in terms of my cousin who'd been trying to get back East). I wondered if there may be some way to get into the company and find a place for my cousin as well. I accepted the position. The following day the company called me back and said that due to my experience with my previous employer and my value, they would agree to pay any and all moving expenses - all I had to do was provide them with receipts. When I called U-Haul to arrange a truck for my one bedroom apartment, the only thing they had available on the date of my move was their largest truck. I agreed to rent it and immediately called my cousin to invite his family to pile all their stuff on my truck. I was able to move ALL of us back East at the expense of the company I would be working for.

When I arrived back here, my mother once again commented on yet another article in the paper about the success of the video game company. Thinking nothing of it I proceeded to become more and more miserable in yet another IT job that was unchallenging, unrewarding, and as I once described it "soul-sucking". Once again however, my stability in the job became questionable so on a complete whim I decided to write a letter to the owner of the video game studio in my home town. I explained completely honestly and with sincerity that he held the key to my dream and if he could find it in his heart to give me a chance, I would be greatful. It was a long-shot and I never heard back from him.

As my job continued to get worse, I wondered if coming back East was the right decision. I began to second guest and decided to fly back to the city to make a final decision on where my life was going to go. I flew back to the city I'd been laid off in to visit some friends and inquire about some possible opportunities but the weekend I arrived there, I got an email from back East - from the owner of the video game studio himself, inviting me for an interview!!

I flew back home immediately and made arrangements for the interview at his convenience and decided I didn't care what the consequences were to my current employer. 'Whatever is good for you!" I said. I was a little worried about how to explain my extra vacation day to my current employer. But in an amazingly serendipitous over-site, I had booked the interview on the same day I had apparently already booked off for a minor dentist appointment (which I had totally forgotten about). The interview was to take place approximately three hours after my dentist appointment giving me just enough time to get lunch and drive all the way back to my home town.

When I arrived for the interview I was dumbfounded to find that the studio was opened in the very same building which used to be my father's department store in my home town. What's more, is that the interview took place in what used to be my father's office. When I told the owner this, I think the coincidence struck us both. My parents were as excited as I was and we all decided it must be some sort of omen.

The interview, however, didn't go so well. I lacked the experience and knowledge required specifically in that industry. However, I didn't lose hope. I told everyone that after all I'd been through and all that had seemed to come together to get me here, this could not be the end of it. It was just too many coincidences to suddenly fall apart.

It wasn't - I got the job. I was hired as a video game programmer because the owner of the studio (as he confided in me later) said he valued sincerity, passion, and loyalty over experience and my honest letter had moved him to pick me over many other more qualified applicants.

Shortly after that I met a girl who would go on to be a very important relationship in my life. For a time I was overcome with happiness and for the first time ever I looked forward to going to work every day and  still do. That was not the end of it. Though those were the major events there were strings of many other coincidences that happened around the logistics of severing ties with the old company and starting work with the new one back in my home town. More and more it seemed as though the universe had completely aligned itself with me to get me into the position I was now in.

It didn't last forever. Now I believe I may be 'off track' again but it certainly was an amazing time in my life.



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