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  Have you ever thought of a friend, only to have the phone ring with the friend on the other end? Bumped into someone from home in a far-off place? Received money or facts you needed out of the blue? Then you know how delightful synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence, is.

Have you had times when one obstacle after another suddenly disappeared? When events in your life converged in fortuitous ways? When you felt in the right place at the right time? Then you were "in the flow" and you've experienced the power of flow to move you forward.

Welcome to our website, which is an exploration and celebration of synchronicity and flow. We are the authors of  The Power of Flow: Practical Ways to Transform Your Life with Meaningful Coincidence, and we will be sharing with you what we have learned in doing research for our book,

After conducting national surveys, meeting with focus groups, and interviewing "flowmasters," we've concluded that it is possible through personal choice and action to enhance flow and accelerate synchronicity. Our book, which is published by Harmony Books/Crown/Three Rivers, details:

  • How to recognize synchronicity

  • How to increase synchronicity in your life by cultivating nine personal attributes

  • How to use fourteen techniques, including self-awareness, intuition, taking risks, and gratitude, to enhance flow and make synchronicity as natural as your breath.

The Power of Flow:
Practical Ways to
Transform Your Life With
Meaningful Coincidence
Charlene Belitz
Meg Lundstrom

Old! Read the Introduction

Read Chapter One:
Understanding Flow

New! Read Chapter Two:
Understanding Synchronicity

New! Read about the nine personal attributes that invite synchronicity into your life

Even Newer! A just-published book
by Meg Lundstrom
What To Do When You Can't Decide



With synchronicity as your compass, flow is your inevitable destination


The Power of Flow has been printed in ten languages, including English, German, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Spanish, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Danish and Norwegian. It has been at the top of the New Age (General) and Christianity (General) best-seller lists of  Because of its firm theoretical base and practical, step by-step instructions, the book has been useful to people in many ways.

* Cognitive therapists are urging their clients to read it.

* Leaders in sales organizations are using it to motivate and inspire its salespeople.

* Teachers are using it in college classrooms and personal growth seminars.

* Church sermons are being based on its theories.

* Readers have told us the book has saved their marriages, given them the wisdom to wait until the right job came along, and helped them sell real estate, among other benefits!

How are you using the book in your daily life? What would you like to see on this website?

We welcome your feedback!


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